By: Ancil  11-11-2011
Keywords: radio

ARL has already developed several unique products:

q      Pseudo-Doppler Direction Finder

·  Roof mounted antenna array

·  Graphical display of direction information

q      GSM Payphone

·  Self contained system

·  Network independent

·  Smartcard technology

·  Pre-paid system

q      Train Completeness Indicator and Telemetry System

·  Monitors brake system pressure

·  Alarm condition in case of train coupling failure or wagon theft

q      ISM Radio modem

·  9600 bps half duplex data radio

·  10 km range

q      Telephone voice recording device

·  Detect off-hook status

·  Recording of voice on PC storage device

q      Remote meter reading

·  Single phase electronic electricity meter

·  Load control via 100A relay

·  Fraud protection

·  GSM remote control

q      Rural telecommunication system

·  Low density point to multi-point radio based communication system

·  Full-duplex transmission of voice, fax and data

·  50 km range

q      PCM/G3 transceiver system

·  Modulator/up-converter to 448 MHz

·  Base-band input PCM or G3

·  Accept two RC transmitter inputs

·  Down-converter/receiver from 448MHz

·  Demodulation PCM or G3

q      Pit pod system for open cast mines

This alarm system provides a warning of impending wall collapse to allow evacuation of dangerous areas in open cast mining environments. It operates with radio signals that allow communication between the pod unit in the pit and the control room.

Keywords: radio