hand washing facility

By: Amalooloo  11-11-2011
Keywords: Sanitation Related Diseases

hand washing facility

A hand washing facility inside the toilet where hands can be washed under running water with soap – resulting in unsurpassed health and hygiene benefits.

The system requires only about 300 milliliters of water per wash and if there is no water the system still functions as a dry system.

It needs to be mentioned that where people live there is water but not necessarily enough for waterborne systems, but surely enough for hand washing.

This principal has been advocated by the

for decades as it reduces contamination and sanitation related diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, pneumonia etc, drastically resulting in poverty eradication, reducing Health budgets, improving dignity, improving school attendance and manymore.

The Hand washing facility comprises of a Reservoir, hand washbasin, and a cistern, all functioning to bring about the message of health and hygiene

Wash Basin



Keywords: Sanitation Related Diseases

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The structure is able to withstand wind forces as laid down by SABS 0160 – 1989. The reinforcing was designed to provide sufficient strength during handling. Panels are reinforced with 4mm deformed wire (689 mPa yield strength). By non-skilled persons from local communities with minimaltraining. As well as load or impact loads.


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Betram through it’s research and development programme designed a sanitation system that holistically fulfill these desires of an ultimate pit system. The pit structure complies with all handling and construction specifications as for the Super structure. Attached hereto is the specifications on watertight lined pit structures and open lined structures. We also advocate the construction of sealed brick or block structures.