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By: Air-seal  11-11-2011

AIR-SEAL "Preventative" Sealants -Your #1 Choice.

Preventative is the key word for the best performance and strengthening your ROI. By installing AIR-SEAL sealant into the tyre as early in its life as possible, punctures can be sealed at the instant they occur throughout the life of the tire.

AIR-SEAL’s performance characteristics are important to consider when selecting a sealant for your critical equipment.

Advanced AIR-SEAL technology brings you the next generation in puncture and leak protection. We have the products to set us apart from the competition. They are designed for specific applications, including over-the-road (cars or trucks), construction, agriculture, hazardous military or heavy industrial use.

Proven over millions of hard miles with truck fleets and off-road equipment, AIR-SEAL prevents up to 95% of common tyre failures from punctures and under-inflation.

Depending upon fleet size, savings in new tyre replacements, maintenance and costly downtime can be measured in tens of thousands. One low-cost AIR-SEAL treatment lasts the life of the tyre, costs less than one tire repair, and extends tread life by 25% or more.


AIR-SEAL is the only high performance sealant company worldwide which offers a complete flat prevention system. We have all of the equipment and tools for installation, along with easy to understand instructions and videos, as well as on-site fleet training. If questions arise, a technical support team is available to assist your fleet.

  •                                                                          ARMOR-SEAL

    This Grade is the Premium product in the Company’s range of pre-puncture sealants. It is capable of plugging holes up to 32 mm (1¼ inches) across heavier ply tyres – more than double any other Sealant now available worldwide. This product is also approved by NATO (NSN numer available), United Nations, and the British Army.

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    Hydro-Seal tyre sealant is unique. It is formulated specifically for water-based ballast filled tyres. Traditional tyre sealants formulated for use in air filled tyres will separate when mixed with water which causes these sealants to be ineffective. Furthermore, all other tyre sealants normally used to treat pneumatic tyres do not contain enough fibres to be truly effective when diluted with water. Hydro-Seal is designed to overcome these problems.

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The Fill Up With Air tyre safety roadshow, now in its sixth year, took to the roads during summer, visiting 24 cities including Dundee, Manchester and Birmingham to offer drivers a free tyre pressure check and a free fill-up for those with under-inflated tyres.