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By: Air-seal  11-11-2011

22nd December 2009

Last year the Michelin Fill Up With Air campaign showed 35 per cent of motorists to be driving around on dangerously under inflated tyres. Yet despite the French manufacturer’s very worthwhile efforts, the tyre safety message just doesn’t seem to be sinking in – Michelin’s 2009 Fill Up With Air campaign results reveal that this figure has crept up to 36 per cent.

The Fill Up With Air tyre safety roadshow, now in its sixth year, took to the roads during summer, visiting 24 cities including Dundee, Manchester and Birmingham to offer drivers a free tyre pressure check and a free fill-up for those with under-inflated tyres. More than 4,500 cars were checked during the three-month campaign, some 70 per cent more than last year, and only 34 per cent were found to be driving with correctly inflated tyres. And you may shake your head with disbelief upon hearing that six per cent were driving with punctures.

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Proven over millions of hard miles with truck fleets and off-road equipment, AIR-SEAL prevents up to 95% of common tyre failures from punctures and under-inflation. By installing AIR-SEAL sealant into the tyre as early in its life as possible, punctures can be sealed at the instant they occur throughout the life of the tire.