Royal Bafokeng Nation - Population and use of land audit

By: Africascope  11-11-2011

AfricaScope has been commissioned by the Royal Bafokeng Nation to conduct a population and use of land audit of their area. This project will involve using aerial photography to map the location of all dwellins in the area. Field teams using GIS maps and navigational GPS will then travel to each dwelling and fill in a short questionnaire on all households, businesses and isntitutions. This information will be used by the Royal Bafokeng Administration to do planning as part of their strategic objectives.

As part of this project, Africascope will also be undertaking a household survey of selected households. The survey will gather more detailed information on the demographic profile of the Bafokeng people. The survey will also look at education, safety, food security, infrastructure, environment, economic, household assets, heritage and governance issues. A key focus area of the household survey will be to look at the health of the population, including HIV prevalence and other medical factors.

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AfricaScope has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the FinScope surveys and the resulting Financial Sophistication Measures, and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise surveys in South Africa and other African countries. Some of these products including providing up-to-date demographic statistics for South Africa at a local level and mapping the crime statistics for South Africa at a police station level.


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AfricaScope has been commissioned by the Department of Public Service and Administration to look at how accessible key government services are in the poverty nodes of South Africa. The services include schools, health facilities, social grant pay points, home affairs offices, police stations, Thusong Service Centres, labour centres and magistrate courts.