Sparkplugged: The ATC Blog

By: A Thousand Connections  12-09-2010
Keywords: communications, Copywriting, Blogging

Welcome to Sparkplugged, the A Thousand Connections blog.

By no means a corporate blog, we’re going to aim to be an interesting, funny, useful tool from which you will hopefully be able to learn good online communications tips (thereby taking our job away from us), find online outlets you never knew about, news about our clients, and news about all the cool ways people are communicating online today.

We also want to bring you news we think is important, so we’ll be re-blogging the eco-friendly and good causes posts from our sister blog at, for a bit of positive thinking and good news.

If there’s anything you’d like to see here, feel free to comment below or drop us a mail on the page.

So plug in, and here we go.

Keywords: Blogging, communications, Copywriting, journalism