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By: Sakka S Flowers  11-11-2011
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    Tradition is very important to you; you enjoy following in your mum's-and her mum's and her mum's-footsteps. Any your down-to-earth attitude and innate ability to keep confidences makes you one of the most loyal and trusted friends. As a result, you are always surrounded by loved ones who come to you for guidance.

    You notice things others miss: the five shades of pink in the sky as the sun sets, the hint of sadness behind someone's smile-which means you are a natural at drinking in all like has to offer. "It's that attention to detail that makes your home so inviting. Just remember to take in the big picture, too: people love all of you, not just the things you for them

    Everything about you is unforgettable-the compassion that shines in your eyes, the intensity you bring to everything you do-and your energy is contagious. You are leaving a very special mark on your world.

    You now you get bored quickly with day-to-day routines. To maintain your great vitality and creativity, you need to follow your inspiration wherever it leads. You bloom in jobs and situations where you are your own boss.

    You are nurturing, you were meant to be a mother. In fact, people are drawn to you; a few words from you, and they instantly feel worlds better. No Wonder people say you would make a great therapist! But don't feel like you have to ease everyone's troubles: your caring alone does more than you know.

    You are the kind of woman who brings out the Prince Charming in a man, and the kind of friend who gets called first with news big or small. But despite your wide social circle and busy calendar, you have a secret need for alone time and you sometimes even feel a little shy. pride and beauty

    You are super-reliable, but never boring! Because although you take your responsibilities at home and at work very seriously, you also know how to have fun in the sun-or anywhere else you can find it!

    You thrive on change. That is why you are always dreaming up some way to make your life and your family's better. But just as a tulip blooms in the same spot every year, deep down, you are often content with what you have got. So enjoy your flights of fancy!

    Fair, kind and low-key, you are a born diplomat with a fresh take on any situation. That is way others turn to you for advise and people share their deepest secrets with you-they know you will keep them close to your heart.

    Azalea temperance - Begonia beware - Camellias Red: unpretentious excellence White: exquisite loveliness

    Carnations: Red: my poor heart - Pink: I'll never forget you. - Yellow: disdain -- White: sweet and lovely

    Chrysanthemum: Red: I love - White: truth - Yellow: slighted love

    Crocus abuse not - Spring: youthful. gladness.

    Cyclamen diffidence - Daffodils regard- Dahlia changeable - Daisy innocence-

    Forget-me-not constant love

    French Marigold jealousy, discontent - Gladiolus I'm really sincere - Hibiscus rare beauty

    Hyacinth sporting - White: discreet loveliness - Hydrangea Thank you for understanding

    Iris communication; faith; hope - Lilac Purple: first love White: youthful innocence

    Lily of the Valley increased happiness - Lily White: purity - Mistletoe kiss me

    Narcissus ego - Nasturtium loyalty - Orchid love; beauty; refinement - Pansies consideration

    Peony bashfulness - Ranunculus radiant charm - Rhodadendron danger

    Roses Red: love - Yellow: friendship - Pink: young love, romance, first love White: pure, innocence

    Snapdragon presumption - Sweet William bravery - Tiger Flower befriend me friend

    Tuberosa illicit pleasures - Tulip fame Red: declaration of love Yellow: unrequited love

    Violet modesty Blue: faithful devotion - Zinnias thoughtful recollections

    Keywords: Flowers