Basic First Aid course for parents, grandparent, brothers and sisters etc.

By: Moms Basic First Aid  12-28-2012
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Welcome to the site that could be the difference between life and death in that golden hour!!

What is the Golden Hour? Putting it straight, if you do not know the answer to this, then you need a basic First Aid course!

The Golden Hour is that hour after a serious accident or incident that could determine LIFE or DEATH and what the first person on the scene does could also determine LIFE or DEATH!

Whether you are a mother, father, grandparent, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, brother or sister, this course is for you!

First Aid means exactly what it says, it is the FIRST person on the scene that can assist. Are you that person or will you have no idea where to start, who to call or what to do? TRUST ME, nothing can and will prepare you for the fright you will get first of all if it is YOUR OWN BABY, TODLER OR CHILD!!!

BUT the Basic knowledge of what to do next could definately save his or her life!!!

NOTE: It is still always better to do a complete Level 1 to 3 First Aid course if you can! You can contact us regarding these as well.

You can not afford to take the chance of something happening and not knowing what to do!
Rather know what to do and never have to do it, than not knowing what to do and you have to.....

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