Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Aqua Yoga Classes

By: The Yoga Tree  11-07-2011
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Hatha Yoga  -

The are based on the principles of Sivananda yoga practice where 12 basic postures are practiced to increase strength and flexibility of the spine.

A healthy spine is really important, modern osteopathy and chiropractics both accredit the health of the spine as one of the dominant factors for overall health. It is the vertical nature of the spine which aligns the mechanism of our central nervous system with the vertical energy flow within the body. Sedentary lifestyles, coupled with poor posture and lack of regular exercise and movement, means that the average person today has a terribly inflexible spine resulting in all sorts of health issues.

With regular and a little patience, you’ll notice changes in your posture and well being as your spine and body begins to release years of unhealthy muscle memory/habits. Laasting changes don’t happen over night and while you will feel great after your first yoga class, repetition is needed to bring forth lasting change. Be kind to your body as treat it as you would a child, with gentle encouragement and love.

Prenatal Yoga -

Attending is a wonderful way of putting time aside to focus on yourself and your journey into motherhood as well as connecting to the little life growing inside you.

Prenatal Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy. A gentle, safe means of keeping toned and supple without strain. Keeping aches and pains at bay and energy flowing, relaxing mind and body. Preparing for the physical demands of birth – and motherhood itself.

In The you’ll learn breathing and visualization techniques to help you feel empowered and confident in your ability to give birth. You’ll stretch and strengthen the body to ease pregnancy aches and pains as well as practicing specific postures to prepare the body of labour.

Aqua Yoga -

Develop strength and balance, gently.

Aqua Yoga is low-impact exercise where you perform Yoga poses, breathing techniques and relaxation in water.

The buoyancy of water can reduce the weight of your body on your joints and connective tissues by up to 90% making it a wonderfully therapeutic exercise, perfect for individuals recovering from injury, those who suffer with arthritic pain and for anyone looking for a gentle, relaxing form of exercise.

Other benifits of water based exercise :

  • Promotes profound relaxation

  • Improve sleeping patterns

  • Reduce soreness and fatigue

  • Enhance immune system response

  • Increase range of motion

  • Improves muscle tone and strength

  • Decrease muscle spasm

  • Improves endurance

  • Slowed bone density loss

  • Improve breathing

  • Encourages body detoxification

  • Aids Lymph drainage

The Yoga Tree offers Aqua Yoga classes for people of all fitness levels and physical ability.

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