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By: IntegrITy Voiced  11-02-2009
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·            Records up to 64 channels simultaneously with one recorder

·            Offers a scalable architecture and a-la-carte feature selection - only purchase what you need

·            Works with Linux operating system for enhanced reliability, security and performance

 MARATHON EVOlite is the optimal communications recording solution for organizations that want to record fewer than 64 phone lines. The system helps small and medium-sized organizations meet strict regulatory requirements for the recording of phone, VoIP and radio conversations.


MARATHON EVOlite, a Linux-based system, provides power, reliability, security and open-source flexibility in a cost-effective package. It’s modern 19“ mountable chassis fits easily into standard racks. With a scaleable channel array, MARATHON EVOlite captures and records all customer interactions from four up to 64 channels simultaneously and may be configured to record, live monitor and archive diverse communications from one location. It also provides the flexibility to connect multiple recording platforms, departments or locations, with data automatically transferred to the central INTERACTION server.


With MARATHON EVOlite, you can design a tailored communications recording solution to fit the unique requirements of your business by combining selective, rules-based, bulk and record-on-demand solutions.

MARATHON EVOlite offers online storage of up to 175,000 recording hours. Optional mirrored and hot-swap hard disks provide optimal data security. The recorder may also be equipped with IOMEGA or DVD-RAM drives for long-term archiving. Additionally, calls may be saved as WAV files for e-mail transmission.


MARATHON EVOlite offers a wide spectrum of additional features: You can choose multiple methods for recording or for search and replay of calls. You may also add a quality monitoring solution to evaluate and analyze the recorded communications.


·         Select INSTANTplay or INSTANT WEBplay primarily for immediate retrieval of the most recent call. POWERplay or WEBplay excel with flexible search criteria and other advanced functions. Customers may choose either the browser-based application without any additional software required or Java-based client/server technology which replays via a local network.

·         Threat call recording helps organizations protect their company and employees by maintaining call privacy.

·         Last Call Repeat (LCR) provides access to the most recent calls via telephone.

·         INSPIRATIONpro, a quality monitoring solution for contact centers, improves the quality of customer interactions, thus reducing agent turnover, and increasing productivity and profits.

·         INSPIRATIONcompact lets small and medium-sized contact centers improve customer satisfaction by systematic evaluation of their communications.

·         SCREENscan, a powerful software application, automatically initiates recording when a user clicks any previously-defined button or when a particular application appears on the desktop.


·         Trunk-side recording of ISDN-BRI, ISDNPRI, E1, T1 and analog lines

·         PCM30/PCM32 integration with leading turrets and dealer boards

·         Digital extension recording for “industry leading” PBXs

·         Service observe and single-step conference

·         Online monitoring

·         VoIP recording with EVOip

·         Hybrid recording for VoIP / TDM



ASC standard systems and options may be easily integrated into the customer’s infrastructure.


Application Data Integration (ADI) captures data from existing applications and attaches it to the calls. This application may also start and stop recording to preserve only the pertinent details, and it provides free-seating capability without CTI.

The Application Programmer Interface (API) shares and integrates data among ASC’s systems and its customers.

CTI solutions by ASC, available for various PBX models, capture additional call details and enhance fast and efficient searching for archived calls.

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