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This machine is compact and portable, yet it has the power and strength of an industrial machine all for an inexpensive price. Making this machine affordable, reliable, and profitable to you. The Feiyue Yamata FY1201TC gives you the versatility in every type of embroidery project including names and logos on different types of apparel.


  • - Model: FY201TCJ
  • - Head: 1
  • - Needles: 12
  • - Needle Interval: 0.1 – 12.7mm
  • - Voltage: 220V / 110V
  • - Frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ
  • - Speed: 150 – 1000 r.p.m
  • - Main Motor: Frequency Motor, Servo motor
  • - Area of working (mm) Flat Embroidery 330 x 530
  • - Tubular Embroidery 280 x 280
  • - Cap Embroidery 300 x 50
  • - Special Embroidery: Sequin Embroidery/ Bore-carve Embroidery


  • Design Storage Capacity
    The system memory can store 1,000,000 stitches, which can be extended for user’s order.

  • Maximum of memory design storage
    The maximum is 200. ( The maximum is 190 when the machine has been installed with letter design library.)

  • Design Input from USB Disk
    The computer can read a variety of designs from USB disk, such as TAJIMA DSB, TAJIMA DST, BARUDAN FDR, BARUDIN FDR111, BARUDAN HD and ZSK.

  • Design output to USB Disk
    The designs in computer memory can be output to USB disj. The designs are output in Tajima DSB format, which can be used in internet transmissions.

  • Repetition Embroidery
    The machine can increase embroidery productivity by repetition embroidery which may be used with cyclic embroidery. And it can do the normal repetition embroidery directly. To do partial repetition, create and embroider a new design through option “COMPILE EMBROIDER DESIGN” in the assistant management menu.

  • Cyclic Embroidery
    The machine also can increase embroidery productivity by preset cyclic embroidery, by which the machine automatically starts another same embroidery when one embroidery is finished.

  • Combining Design
    A new design can be formed by combing several normal designs at different size ration, rotation angle, figure direction and relative distance, which is called combined design and has a extension name of PAR. It can be embroidered at one time.

  • Compiling Design
    A. Compiling the ready-for-embroider design
    • After selecting a normal design and presetting the parameters (such as size ration, rotation angle, figure direction, repetition), the computer can compile the ready-for-embroider design to a new normal design.
    B. Compiling the combined design
    • Also one combined design can be complied to a new normal design.

  • Editing the Normal Design
    A normal design can be edit stitch by stitch (or by several amounts of continuous stitches) in full screen.

  • Patching Embroidering
    This function can set a patch code after the colour code or stop code, and when the machine embroiders the patch code, it will halt and move frame out for the patching. After stick a patch, user would pull the operation bar to let the frame move back and continue embroidering.

  • Adjusting the brake
    For various machines, this function can make the machines stop correctly, which means that the main shaft stops at 100 degree.

  • Save and store the origin point of design
    This function can save and store the start embroidering point of each pattern, instead of repeating moving frame manually to find the design origin when selecting the same pattern.

  • Mechanical maintaining and testing
    This function is to easily judge the malfunctions when maintaining and testing, which consists of computer testing, encoder testing, main shaft speed testing, machine parts testing and the main shaft stops at any position.

  • Save and store the embroidery parameters
    This function is to combine the pattern with selected embroidery parameters such as colour sequence, pattern direction, rotation angle and repetition, to reduce the times of inputting parameters when embroider the pattern without changing the parameters.

  • Software
    machine embroidery software is used all Feiyue embroidery machines.


  • Feiyue FY120TC Compact Single Head 12 Needle Embroidery Machine
    R70 000 (Incl VAT)

Keywords: Commercial Embroidery Machines

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