Don't Buy Machine Embroidery Designs - Make Your Own!

Don't Buy Machine Embroidery Designs - Make Your Own! from Embroidery Machines For Sale | Industrial, Home, Commercial

By: Embroidery Machines For Sale | Industrial, Home, Commercial  09-20-2010
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Why buy embroidery designs if you can make your own customized embroidery designs! In fact why not sell your own embroidery designs and embroidered items!

The software you're looking at represents the most advanced technology in the embroidery design field today. With the innovative features in Creative DRAWings®, you can easily transform your creative ideas into beautiful embroideries to stitch out on your machine.

Creative DRAWings® is a truely unique digitizing machine embroidery software that empowers you to create original embroidery designs that YOU want to embroid. All you need to start is a PHOTO or IMAGE to create NEW designs EASILY and FAST! This could be a piece of clipart, an existing embroidery file, or any compatible file, to create unique embroidery designs.


Creative DRAWings® does not require you to buy more expensive add-on digitizing packages as you advance in skill. All the powerful features are in just one package.

Bernina, Toyota, Tajima, Elna, Brother, Babylock, Janome, Kenmore, Yuki, Mitshubishi, Pfaff, Singer, Viking and generic embroidery machines.

Creative DRAWings 5 comes with the new version of Wings' modular® 5 and is compatible with Windows 7. It is also compatible with all vector based graphics programs through copy/paste or OLE technology, where applicable, thus fully compatible and interactive with CorelDRAW X5, X4, X3 and 12.
The software includes tools to help you draw your ideas right on the monitor screen and with only a few mouse clicks, changes them into personalised creations.
    *   190+ stitches
    *   360+ stitches
    *   Thread charts
    *   3D realistic view
    *   Edit existing embroidery designs
    *   Create original embroidery
    *   Modify and change stitch types
    *   Re-size embroideries
    *   A fantastic step by step easy to use open image/embroidery process, when starting a new design.

Enjoy machine embroidery without agonizing over expensive, perplexing software programs that plague the sewing market today.  EASY TO LEARN, EASY TO USE!


Price is all inclusive; there are no additional, expensive add-on digitizing packages as you advance in skill; all the powerful features are in just one package! When buying our software, you will get a FREE starter-pack, including the following:

    *   Creative DRAWings® installation CD
    *   37 lessons on DVD
    *   Wing's modular basic module
    *   200 vector files
    *   3 000 embroidery designs
    *   USB security key (Dongle / Hardware key)
    *   User booklet
    *   Installation guide
    *   Quick start guide
    *   Quick tips
    *   Help files
    *   Printable manuals
    *   Training DVD

    *   Free delivery worldwide, except USA, Australia and UK
    *   The price quoted includes insurance, VAT & fuel levies.
    *   Parcels are delivered to your nearest post office anywhere within South Africa within 3-5 days
        and 3-4 weeks in any other country.
    *   Overnight service is available on request (for South Africans only). Please contact us for a quotation.
    *   Please note that during Christmas & Easter season times, delays can be experienced due to increased freight volumes & public holidays.
    *   Please indicate postal codes / zip codes with your delivery address.

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