Vehicle monitoring company for both seller and buyer

Vehicle monitoring company for both seller and buyer from Car Rescue

By: Car Rescue  06-16-2012
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WHAT IS CAR RESCUE: Car Rescue forms a part of the Asset Rescue Group. After many years of market research on the needs of the vehicle-buying / selling community and struggling economic fluctuations, Car Rescue was developed specifically with the purpose of reaching out a helping hand in the motoring industry where we found the solution where the Owner and Buyer benefit. OUR CLIENTS: • Are you blacklisted? • Have you got a bad credit record and name with the Bank? • Struggling to get finance, but have sufficient income to afford a vehicle on a monthly basis? • Is the bank about to repossess your vehicle and you see no light ahead? • Have a paid up vehicle that you can’t get rid of? • Want to earn extra income with your paid up car instead of selling it We are reaching out a helping hand to those who answer yes to any of these questions. Take our hand and let us be at your service! BENEFITS: When you entrust your vehicle with Car Rescue, we offer you the following benefits: 1. Vehicle Owner, Car Rescue can reduce your payment term with your current financial institution by up to 50%. (Dependant on every client’s unique situation). 2. Car Rescue has complete monitoring of the vehicle during the rental period. 3. We make sure the vehicle is maintained according to the Car Rescue contract. 4. The prevention of a bad credit record with the Bank. 5. Repossession and arrear payments prevented. 6. Open, transparent contract between: 1. Car Rescue and the Owner 2. Car Rescue and the Rent-to-buyer 7. Car Rescue acts as the monitoring agent of the vehicle during the entire period of the contract, until final transfer is made to the Rent-to-buyers name. 8. Complete clarity of payment. This will be monitored via monthly statements and proof of payment, which will always be provided to the Contract Holder at a set date, specified by the said Contract Holder. 9. Get more for your car, never lose one cent on poor trade in values given by dealership HOW WE WORK: • A contract between Car Rescue and the Owner will be referred to as a ‘Rent-to-buy’ contract. • During the contract term, all monthly payments, insurance and maintenance will be for Car Rescue’s account. • Car Rescue guarantees all payments to be kept up to date during the contract term. • Car Rescue undertakes to settle the full account of the vehicle with the current financial institution in a once off lump sum payment, the moment the vehicle reaches a settlement amount of 50% of current published Book of Trade Value. • Because of this, Owners with vehicles financed on full terms, will be able to free themselves from the current contract they have with their current financial institution, in half the time of the original contract. • Vehicles will be well-looked after, maintained, to factory standards and regularly inspected to insure optimum condition is maintained. Car Rescue takes total responsibility, because Car Rescue’s outcome is to take total ownership during the term. • Car Rescue’s responsibility toward the Owner is to provide a worry free payment solution for his/her vehicle during the term and to shorten their financial responsibility to their current financial institution by about 50%.

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Car Rescue acts as a monitoring company from Car Rescue thumbnail

Car Rescue acts as a monitoring company

DEAR CAR RESCUE CLIENT, Please read this information sheet for more information on the service we provide to you, the Owner, free of charge: 1. Don’t loose one cent on trade with your car even if you owe 110% on your car . 2. Your rental income from us will show as income on your bank statement – this means you can buy any time again your affordability will not be negative AFFECTED 3. Keep your name clear 4. Avoid Repossession of your car Car Rescue forms part of the Asset Rescue Gro