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Keywords: Vehicle Tracking, Tracking Device

• Firstly, the system is not web based; the software resides on the end
users PC, or in the case of a bureau service, on theirs.
• Downloads are made as and when required and the system
obviously handles live tracking, as and when required.
• Software is provided free of charge and upgraded regularly, usually
as a result of feedback from the customer base.
• All reports are exportable to 3rd party software such as payroll and
accounting systems.
• The system and software supports most of the functions you are
used to, such as vehicle and operator info and is able to support various inputs such as temperature probes, driver tagging and relay
alerts for a variety of applications.
• However, the most exciting addition to the suite at present is the
DFuel unit. We are justifiably proud at this time to be to offer live
diesel tracking and monitoring. As you know, diesel theft is endemic
in South Africa, and we are able to offer an incredible solution.
• The DFuel unit is a separate piece of hardware that interfaces with
the tracking unit and is able to send accurate info to the end user,
regarding fuel levels. This feature is proving popular with fleet
• The probe is inserted into the tank and is tamper proof.
• AbsoluteTrack is not web-based. This means you do not need a high
speed internet connection to enjoy the full service and great speed
of AbsoluteTrack
• AbsoluteTrack is easy to install, but offers all the benefits of systems
with many more wires and which are much more complicated to
• AbsoluteTrack can offer fuel management. This unique solution
allows users to know exactly how much diesel is in their vehicles at
any time.
• AbsoluteTrack is ultra compact with a leading product density when
compared to systems of similar capabilities.
• The AbsoluteTrack product is made from the highest quality
possible. Although it would be cheaper to make the device offshore,
enclose it in a plastic box or cut other corners, we only believe in the
• AbsoluteTrack is locally manufactured.
For a free demo or quote please contact:
• Les –
- 082 3377773
- 011 024 8269
- [email protected]

Keywords: Tracking Device, Vehicle Tracking

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