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TransnetiX Interactiveoffers the best solution tomanaging your fleet today.  We are a proven leader in the area ofmanaging all aspects of Fleet management and fleet maintenance. The reason somany fleets use AbsoluteFleet, the TransnetiX Interactive platform, is that itworks the way your fleet operates.  Designed by Fleet Industryprofessionals, for the Fleet Industry – this true fleet management applicationallows fleet managers to manage their complete fleet at the click of abutton.  The software conforms to your modes of operation. It works forthe people on the floor, as well as the Fleet Manager who is looking for that"edge" to make the fleet perform better and under budget. 

The AbsoluteFleet management softwareis the most feature-rich software package available on the market, yet it isaffordably priced to fit your budget! If you have a single fleet location,or several, AbsoluteFleet offers a solution that fits. Managing 5 or250,000 vehicles or equipment offers challenges and AbsoluteFleet can help youmeet those challenges with the proper tools and information for today’s topmanagers, from PM scheduling, to technician productivity or downtimereduction.

Softwareto help you manage your maintenance operation now, and in the future as yourfleet changes.

Helps organizations manage fleets,maintenance, control operational costs, manage assets, maintain a partinventory (under construction), and beyond. The software is an invaluableresource to a fleet due to its ability to deliver useful reports, reveal trendsto help reduce costs, and much more.

Asset Management Completevehicle histories, inventory management (under construction), and reduced ownershipcosts.

Fleet Maintenance Scheduling &Tracking (Email notifications, work order management, repair histories,improved workflow).

Fleet Analysis (Vehicleright-sizing, life-cycle costing, cost analysis, fuel consumption trends, fleetutilization, powerful reporting) plus Individual vehicle utilization.

Risk Management (Accidents andclaims, driver habits, inspections, traffic violations, incidents tracking).

Employee Management (licenses,fines and certification tracking).

AbsoluteFleet Application Overview



·       50+ generic reports – customization of additionalreports undertaken

·       Export report data to Excel or other spreadsheet applications i.e. PDF

·       Reports available in PDF and excel formats

·       Customizable reports to clientspecification

Vehicles& Equipment

·       Schedule, track & report on anunlimited number of vehicles or pieces of equipment

·       Location/department information withcomplete history

·       Total expenditures...to include: WorkOrders, Fuel, Registration, Expense, and Accidents

·       Hourly Meter tracking

·       Purchase & release information

·       Attach images or scanned documents torecords (accidents, damages, equipment pictures, fines, vehicle and driverlicenses ect)

·       Termination Information

·       Equipment details (user-defined)

·       Category grouping

·       Condition

·       Fuel type and usage

·       Driver/equipment relation

·        log

·       Warranty tracking (under construction to ensurethat all warranties are recovered)

·       Registration (user-defined and scheduled)

·       Depreciation

·       Scan all licence and vehicle permits forrecord purposes

·       Toll gate costs uploaded per vehiclenationally

Driver Management

·       Complete driver records

·       Total expenditures...to include:license/certification, expenses, and traffic violations, hotel and S & T

·       License/certification scheduling &notification for all employees

·       Driver/equipment relation with completehistory

·       Upload employee image and documents

·       Redirection of traffic violation


·       Preventative maintenance and inspectionscheduling/notification

·       License/certification scheduling for allemployees

·       Equipment registrationscheduling/notification for all equipment

Managed Maintenance

·       Track all maintenance completed

·       Create work orders (reduces data entry andpotential data entry errors)

·       Track downtime

Fuel Log

·       Track all fuel usage and efficiency foreach vehicle or piece of equipment

·       Track fuel type


·       Track all details on each accident/claim

·       Track damages to your  vehicle or equipment, other's vehicles orequipment

·       Track all injured persons, witnesses,police officers, and towing companies

·       Track complete narrative, and uploadimages/documents

·       Scan all accident detail for company orinsurance purposes including HR requirement

Expense Log

·       Track all expenses for employees, equipmentand general expenses

·       Group each expense by a multi-levelcategory

·       Indicate if expense is tax deductible orreimbursable


·       Purchase information

·       Location with in service/out of service

·       Record tyre serial numbers

·       Peg tyre location on vehicle

·       Record tyre brand, size

·       Record downtime due to tyre repair


·       Unlimited vendors/suppliers grouped byuser-defined vendor/supplier types

·       User-defined services for each vendor/supplier


·       Track all insurance information withspecific equipment and vehicles

·       Capture all insurance premiums (monthly /annual)

·       List insurance type, policy number,commencement date, condition, excess applicable

·       Scan in necessary documentation i.e. policyschedule or tracking company detail

·       Tracking company noted

Trip Log

·       Track all trips with drivers, details andfuel usage

·       Track each province and the mileage driven

Traffic Violations

·       Track all driver's violations...includingcost and user-defined-ticket type with demerit points access

·       Redirect fines to drivers

·       All AARTO fine charge codes loaded

·       Scan all fines into system

·       Track fine progress with infringement,courtesy letter, enforcement order, warrant of execution, paid and successfullyredirected

·       Date, time collected, place and provincecaptured etc.


Expand on the basic features to meet various requirementswith our program-enhancing fleet management modules.


FlexibleOptions for Configuring Your Fleet Maintenance Management Software

How you decide to set up your fleet management softwarepackage depends on your needs, your resources, and what you want to accomplish.TransnetiX offers four different methods of deployment to cover a wide varietyof fleet demands.









Extend the reach of the client/server software throughweb-based modules.

·       Real-time access through mobile devices,laptops and pc's with an internet connection.

·       Can be deployed in conjunction withself-hosting or TransnetiX Interactive hosting.

·       Enter crucial data from the field inreal-time.

·       Learn more about individual modules throughthe knowledge base portal within the system.

This method of deployment gives us our unique niche inthe fleet management software market. You get the benefits of having aclient/server and web-based setup all in one.

A fleet company with multiple clients may choose thismethod for deploying our fleet maintenance and management software. This methodgives clients from around SA. the ability to open a web-browser, sign into theweb-based application, and make real-time updates to the system.



A self-hosted solution to provide remote access to usersoutside of your network.

·       Minimum requirement server 2008

·       You perform your own database backups.

·       You have full control over the software anddatabase backups.

·       Use an existing Microsoft SQL data base

*A fleet operating with multiple shop locations would bean example of who would have a need for this deployment method. Each locationwould have access to the organization's fleet management system, granting areal-time data environment for the entire organization.

You also have the choice of selective access to certainmodules of the system at management discretion.



In House Hosting

A web-enabled deployment method hosted through our datafarm partner.

·       Sign in through a web browser with a secureuser name and password to access your fleet management software from anylocation.

·       Eliminate the need to spend money onservers and hardware upgrades.

·       All system maintenance and database backupsperformed by the host for a monthly fee.

·       One TransnetiX license per concurrent userrequired.

You also have the choice of selectiveaccess to certain modules of the system at management discretion.



TransnetiXcan help you meet your goals.

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The FleetManager has been able to reduce costs by 5-20% each year using AbsoluteFleetfleet management software.


DistributionSolutions for Companies in the Supply Chain

TransnetiX ‘s Fleet Management Systems (AbsoluteFleet)are focused on helping companies involved in the supply chain to reducedistribution costs, and enhance customer satisfaction, through the use ofinnovative technology solutions.

The AbsoluteFleet solution provides anintegrated portfolio of products that enables companies to gain real-timecontrol of their distribution process, including customer deliveries, vehicles,and drivers.

If you operate in an industry where thedistribution process is critical to the success of your business, such asmanufacturing, consumer packaged goods, retail, third-party logistics, or transport,then AbsoluteFleet can assist you in reducing costs including:

  • Over-time
  • Fleet size
  • Processing of paperwork
  • Back-office costs such as customer service and data entry
  • Customer queries
  • Query answering lead time
  • Missing paperwork
  • Delivery accuracy
  • KPI reporting

Fleet Management Systems can help you withthe information, visibility, and knowledge of how well your distributionprocess is working, and allow you to take control of the traditional"black hole" in distribution.

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TransnetiXInteractive offers the best solution to managing your fleet today as a proven leader in the area of managing all aspects of Fleet management andfleet maintenance.