Lucky or what?? By Selené Van Niekerk, Senior Consultant, Bright House Recruitment Consulting May'11

By: Bright House Recruitment Consulting   06-02-2011
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Are some people simply LUCKY OR can one try to exert some control over our destiny by being capable of MAKING OUR OWN LUCK??

According to the May 2011 issue of Women’s Health the fact of the matter is that psychologists’ are finding out that it isn’t the hand that you’re dealt with that is important in life, but how you play your cards.

-          If you consider yourself lucky – and you are more likely to be

-          Positive thinkers are always keeping their eyes out for fortuitous situations and therefore they are more likely to pounce on it once they arise

-          Serendipitous types are upbeat and optimistic and tend to look for luck in all kinds of events AND expect to be lucky.  (For example the more competitions you enter, the better your chances of winning).

-          If you don’t take chances and put yourself in a position to have something positive happen to you, it won’t.

-          “Reactions you draw from others are a huge factor in determining your own luck,” says Dr Sonja Lyubomirsky. “If you exude positive energy, people will respond to you positively.”

-          People who consider themselves lucky tend to take more chances, strike up more conversations with strangers and follow more job leads.

-          A good outcome increase the believe that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do.

-          Learn to brush off failure – according to Dr Lyubomirsky lucky people have an adaptive way of dealing with failure by not letting negative or obstacles stand in their way of trying again/taking another chance.

-          Instead of sulking – the big question is: What have I learnt from these experiences? AND What do I need to do next?

-          Taking a step out of the ordinary can be a great way of finding good fortune (for example, go out for lunch rather than eating at your desk, take a different route to work, try a different exercise class )

-          Keep focused on positive things – you won’t see opportunities if you are not on the look-out for it!!!

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