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By: Integrative Health and Wellness  06-29-2014
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Frequently asked questions, with answers, about ES Teck (earlier ESG / EIS) examination What is EIS or ESG (electrosomatography)? EIS stands for Electro Intersticial Scan. It produces electro- somato-gramm (ESG) As a medical testing device, EIS is „mapping” the whole body of the patient for getting information about the health status, and can monitor changes with follow-up exams. It can give information about the actual acid-base balance which is a basical indicator of the body health status. Such examination is very simple, painless, and fast. What is the difference between ES Teck and the EIS/ESG exam? ES Teck is the development of EIS/ESG measurement system. It includes of course all information provided by EIS/ESG test but complementing with pulseoxymetic, pulse waves and heart rate variability values. With all these information we can get an exact picture abouit the status of the heart and the circular system, its stress load and risks. How long does an ES Teck examination take? It takes 5 minutes and 45 minutes to discuss the assessment. What is an ES Teck test like? The patient puts each palm and bare sole on a metal plate and two electrodes are placed on his/her forehead. The measurement is based on chronoamperiometric principle. A low 1,28 V electric currect is directed through 6 electrodes. The system examinates the whole body in 4 x 22 times. During the examination there will be a small clip placed on the left forefinger. It measures the circulation in the finger and gives vast information about the function of the whole body. The patient does not feel anything during the examination. Are there any risks or side-effects of an ES Teck examination? There aren’t any known risks or side-effects. We do not carry out the examination on patients with any electrical device or electrical implants in their body (e.g. a pacemaker, a bladder stimulator, etc.), and on expecting women after six months in pregnancy, on patients with no limb, or with a skin shortage on their palms or soles. Metal built in the articulation (e.g. hip protesis) can change the results so that requires individual consideration. Does the ES Teck examination substitute the traditional medical diagnostic methods? No. It supplements them. The ES Teck tests can provide a lot of additional information about the functioning of the organism, helping the doctor receive a more precise picture of the true reasons behind the body’s malfunctioning and of the background of the illnesses. Does the ES Teck examination detect a tumour? The ES Teck does not provide a diagnoses about tumours or any other illnesses. However, it gives an exact overview about the electronic functioning of the body. This way we get information about the risks leading to tumours, such as the acidity of the body, the increased level of free radicals, weaknesses of the immune system, of overweight, food allergy, etc. Can children be examined with the ES Teck device? Yes. Does it need a doctor to do the ES Teck examination? The examination can be done by an assistant too. However, the evalution of the results definitely requires medical (physiological) knowledge and expertise. Where are the ES Teck devices in use in the world? More than 1.800 devices are in use globally, by hospitals, private clinics and pharmaceutical laboratories. FOR AN APPOINTMENT or MORE INFORMATION e-mail: [email protected]

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