1Kg Electric Coffee Roaster 2000w

By: Bean Rush Coffees  04-18-2013
Keywords: Coffee Roasters, Coffee Roaster

This suave-looking 1 Kg mini-commercial electric coffee roaster (for sale in South Africa), is ideal for a coffee shop cafe, or a home/ hobby micro-roasting business.

The colour is black or red, and it comes with a 12 month parts warranty.  Out of warranty parts are available from Bean Rush Coffees.

The main point of focus is the electric element heating capacity, i.e. 2000w.  This relates to the bake (roasting) time turn-around of 20 - 25 minutes per batch.  A batch can be as small as 250g. 

Batch Statistics:

This machine's capacity is (given an average of 22.5 minutes per batch) about 2.7Kg/ hour.  If the moist loss (16%) is accounted for, it can produce 2.2 Kg of roasted beans per hour.  The consumption of the cafe must be compared to the roaster's production rate, to ascertain if this model is suited to your requirement.

NOTE: This model's design is being modernised for release in last quarter of 2013.  We also have a , reducing the bake/ roasting time to 15 minutes, and produces about 1.2 kg roasted beans per hour more than this model.  That one also comes as an LPG consumer.  It is important to decide what production rate is required for your cafe, or micro-roasting business.

Roaster Specifications:
  • Dimensions (L/ W/ H): 711mm x 558mm x 760mm
  • Weight: 50Kg
  • Roasting Time: 20 - 25 minutes per Kg (batch)
  • Drum speed: 80 r.p.m.
  • Drum material: Stainless Steel
  • Drum diameter: 19 cm
  • Drum length: 50.3cm
  • Cooling fan speed: 15 r.p.m.
  • Drive motor: 0.44w
  • Exhaust motor: 0.3w
  • Cooling motor: 0.12w
  • Power consumption: 2Kw/h
  • Voltage: 220/ 240V
  • Temperature range: 0-300 Celsius
  • Minimum batch capacity: 250g
Product Code:  BRC-DA-1E-01.

Keywords: Coffee Roaster, Coffee Roasters

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