Power Factor Correction, 3 Phase Power Factor Correction, Power Factor Correction 3 Phase, Power Factor Correction Device, Power Factor Correction Cap

By: Alpha Power Solutions  11-11-2011
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We offer free inspections of our customer's electrical installations in order to determine their exact requirements and where required, we offer the necessary training as well.

When we evaluate the power factor correction requirements of a customer, we also calculate the estimated return on investment (ROI), which is usually between 12 and 18 months. Taking into consideration that our equipment has a life expectancy of at least 10 years (provided basic maintenance of the equipment is carried out at regular intervals), it is a financially sound decision to invest in power factor correction equipment supplied and installed by Alpha Power Solutions.

Customer satisfaction and peace of mind is ensured through:

  • a 24 month guarantee on our product range
  • the possibility to enter into service contracts
  • flawless aftermarket service (not only on our equipment but also on hardware supplied by third parties)
  • a stock of spare parts and complete assemblies

Electrical Audits

Should you require detailed measurements of your network for the selection of an appropriate capacitor bank and/or harmonics filter, these can be arranged.

The installation of our sophisticated test equipment and subsequent recording of key parameters over a period of 3 to 5 days provides the data required to analyse and troubleshoot problematic LV networks. The parameters which are typically being recorded are:

  • Line and phase voltage
  • Phase and neutral current
  • Power factor
  • Cosine phi
  • Active power
  • Apparent power
  • Reactive power
  • Line frequency
  • Current harmonics (up to the 50th harmonic)
  • Voltage harmonics (up to the 50th harmonic)

The data gathered above, combined with the findings of our visual inspection are then summarised into a detailed report, complete with corrective action recommendations, to address shortcomings identified.

Service Contracts

There is a possibility that with time, the operation of the power factor correction equipment installed is no longer monitored on a regular basis by maintenance personnel. In order to ensure that the equipment continues to function optimally (any malfunction will not have an impact on your production), it is advisable that a service/maintenance agreement is entered into.

Alpha Power Solutions CC can offer you a service contract for the maintenance of the power factor correction equipment installed by ourselves or by third parties on your premises. This will ensure that the equipment remains operational at all times.

Scope of the Service Contract

  • identification and repair of potential problems and deficiencies, such as:
    • blown fuses
    • hot connections
    • failed capacitors
    • faulty contactors
    • dust and/or water ingress
  • cleaning of the components and removal of any contamination which might affect the operation of the equipment
  • verification of the controller parameters and relevant information read-outs on the display screen, against data obtained from independent and calibrated test equipment, to ensure that the equipment operates optimally
  • evaluation of the suitability of the power factor correction equipment and where applicable, make recommendations regarding possible upgrades of the existing power factor correction equipment (which will only occur if you change your load profile significantly by adding additional equipment)
  • compilation of a detailed inspection report

Inspection Frequency

  • Our service contracts typically consist of three to four annual inspections and run for renewable periods of 24 months.

Keywords: Electronics, Harmonics, Power Factor Correction, Power Solutions

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Power Factor Correction, 3 Phase Power Factor Correction, Power Factor Correction 3 Phase, Power Factor Correction Device, Power Factor Correction Cap

The more electronic devices you have on your electrical system, the more they can affect all the equipment within the systems. The nature of such electronics causes extremely quick pulses, creating a sine wave that becomes non-linear in shape. Electronically controlled equipment can be a major contributor to harmonics found in your electrical system.