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Reiki and Chakra Balancing from Angelcove @ The Sanctuary

By: Angelcove @ The Sanctuary  04-12-2010
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   Angelcove invites you to take part in Reiki Healing program  -   Reiki Healing Health Benefits
 It accelerated the bodys self healing abilities Enhances perspective through a relaxed and peaceful mind Helps to release stress and tension through deep relaxation Aids in the grieving process Helps to release cellular memory Reduces blood pressure Helps to relieve conditions associated with acute and chronic conditions such as migraines, asthma, allergies, .. etc. Aids in breaking addictions Helps to relieve pain and swelling Brings the body into balance and harmony by freeing blocked energy Cleanses the body of toxins Reduces some of the side effects of drugs and helps the body to recover from drug therapy after surgery and chemotherapy Increases vitality and cellular regeneration Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing It reduces symptomes of chronic illness helps your body detoxify Improves relationships promotes positive thinking and creativity strenghens the immune system Just as the Reiki Life Force healing energy is limitless, so are the benefits of Reiki! Reiki can be used to achieve goals, overcome obstacles & much more! You do not need to be ill to experience positive effects of Reiki. Reiki energy works to produce the highest results for the highest good for all involved, and will never overrule a person’s free will, nor cause harm. Just as the Vital Life Force is limitless, so are the benefits, Reiki! Beyond facilitating healing in the body, Reiki can be used to achieve goals, overcome obstacles & much more!  

Preparing for a Reiki healing treatment All you need to do is to lie down comfortably and close your eyes for the duration of the treatment. You do not need to focus on anything. Just close your eyes and relax. You may feel some physical sensations, or perhaps emotions, or just feel very calm & relaxed or you may just fall asleep.Some people report feeling very relaxed, while others have some amazing spiritual experiences. Anything you experience is normal. As long as you accept the Reiki healing energy being sent to you, it will work for your highest good.

Reiki for achieving goals, events, overcome obstacles & much more Major Life changes and physical healings may take some time. It is extremely important to continue with prescribed medications and recommendations while receiving Reiki treatments. Reiki distance healing is complimentary to professional health care and is not a replacement for medical attention. 

 How does Reiki Healing work? The Reiki healer is trained in techniques for directing healing energy to a recipient. The practitioner first sets the Intention for the session and whether it be specific or general, it is always in the “Highest Good” of the recipient. Then the healer opens the energetic channel between them and the recipient — recognizing the recipient and gaining permission to do the work. Once the channel is open, the practitioner sends Reiki energy to the recipient — again, acting as a medium between the recipient and the divine life energy. The energy is received immediately and may even be experienced through body sensations as a result (tingling, heat, vibration). The energy is working with or without physical sensations and quite often is noticed as a sense of well-being and relaxation. Your information is safe All information that you provide during the treatments is maintained in strict privacy. I do not give, sell, or otherwise send your information to any other party.

10 WEEK - THERAPY PROGRAM The 10 week therapy healing program is an investment to yourself of R1500 fully inclusive of the 10 weeks, thus being 1 treatment per week at a suitable date and time for the person and therapist booking the session. The treatment program covers the following: We work with releasing fears, doubts, confusion and blokages, of what is holding you back. Healing the karmic band - those we hold closest to us and ourselves or those we once held close, these bands sometimes weigh us down and have negative influences on our physical body parts and energy Help to heal situations and qualities, i.e. to heal a situation or personal quality / character trait, this will be personal for each person, e.g. patience, anger, communication, jealousy, anxiety, nervousness etc Heal and strenghen the DNA strands (our blue print), we can now go in and heal negative inherited genetics and diseases. Heal trauma of any kind, could be a broken arm, sorrow, our body's hold the memory of pain, these crystals that have formed in our body are now disolved and healed. Heal the blockages from your earlier life. We work with healing specific goals, or anything that requires healing, could be weight loss, relationships, achieving personal goals. Please note that treatments are private and confidential, each person is unique in their own way, and that all healing and shifts that take place will be a personal experience for you and will always be for the highest will of your Soul.   PAYMENT TERMS ALSO AVAILABLE To book your treamtment program, please email [email protected] or call Sheryl on 084 402 4148 Invest in yourself ITS TIME TO LIVE YOUR LIFE

Keywords: Reiki

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