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By: Hydro Herbs  02-29-2012
Keywords: Gardening, Herbs, Hydroponics

The Hydro Herbs system has been designed by Fritz Mans for city dwellers who does not have the time or space for full time soil gardening. 
It is now possible to grow your own herbs or vegetables in a sterile growing medium with almost no maintenance at all. If you have never tried cooking with fresh herbs, then you are in for a pleasant surprise, and once it is growing in your home, you will wonder how you’ve ever created a dish without it.     
So how exactly does the Hydro Herbs system work?  
Plants need air (oxygen) to breathe. Unlike soil, a sterile, porous growing medium (volcanic ash) let air circulate freely around the plant’s roots system. The system supplies a constant flow of a carefully calculated nutrient formula via micro-irrigation, which is set on a timer. 
The nutrient formula contains the same minerals that a healthy organic soil will supply the plants. The overflow of nutrients is circulated back into the irrigation system for re-use.   
It is set up for maximum light exposure outside. Consequently the plants grow quicker and more beautifully and no pesticides or fertilizer is needed as no pests and bacteria can grow in the sterile medium. To repel insects, specifically aphids, a solution of garlic and canola oil can be obtained from your local nursery and sprayed on the plants directly.  
The primary advantage of course, is the ability to have access to the fresh herbs or vegetables all year round.    
Which herbs can be planted in the Hydro Herbs system?  
Spring onions, chives, garlic chives, mustard, chervil, chamomile, mint variations, bush basil, lemon balm, celery, caraway, parsley varieties, paprika, salad burnet, lettuce varieties, fennel, marjoram, dill, watercress, thyme, rocket, sage, coriander, nasturtiums, pansies   Seedlings of your choice are supplied with the system.  There are spaces for 30 plants in the unit.

Keywords: Gardening, Herbs, Hydroponics

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