Recently completed project at Right Click Media

Recently completed project at Right Click Media from Purple Telecom

By: Purple Telecom  09-07-2016
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We recently completed a project at the offices of Right Click media and their subsidiary the RCM School of excellence They were having difficulty with their internet speed and stability and required a permanent solution to this problem. Right Click media is an internet marketing, SEO, website and mobile app Development Company, as such their very business is dependent on having a stable, high speed internet connection. We installed an uncapped 10meg per second (mbs) uncontended microwave internet link with a symmetrical line speed (10mbs upload 10mbs download) as a short term solution until the installation of a 25mbs uncontended fibre internet connection can be completed As the majority of their staff work on laptops with Wi-Fi functionality we also installed 3 Ubiquiti Unifi 1300mbs Wi-Fi access points through various parts of the office which significantly extended the Wi-Fi internet access. We segregated this system from their existing VoIP telephone PABX by connecting these access points to an Ubiquiti Unifi 16 Port Power over Ethernet (POE) switch which was then linked directly to the incoming internet line We patched this switch into the existing network so that the staff using computers without Wi-Fi capability would still have internet access via cable connections. By installing this system we were able to provide the management team of Right Click Media with exceptional monitoring and control capability over their internet usage. The system allows them to monitor data usage on each machine as well as restrict line speeds to devices not being used for work purposes. A Wi-Fi access point was also placed in each of the 2 classrooms of RCM School of excellence providing internet connectivity to those areas which can be monitored and controlled through the same platform that regulates the office space. RCM School of excellence is a digital marketing college and thus internet access is a necessity for students to conduct their research and gain hands on experience in the digital space. In addition to the Wi-Fi access points we also installed 2 interactive smartboards together with projectors and sound systems to enhance the lectures and presentations given by the school facilitators. With this specific project we were able to achieve 5 key factors for our client 1. We were able to obtain rental financing on the equipment, something which previous companies had been unable to achieve 2. We were able to provide a quality high speed internet link at a reasonable price 3. We were able to ensure that this internet link is available across the whole office 4. We were able to ensure that this internet link could be monitored and action could be taken immediately where abuse is noticed 5. We were able to install high quality equipment which would enhance the students experience in the classrooms. To find out a bit more about Right Click media and what they do please click here

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