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By: Premiertouch Intradermal & Anti-ageing Cosmetics  10-08-2015
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Stem cells are our fountain of youth. This is what maintains our body’s reparative, regenerative abilities. As we age every cell breaks down and needs to be replaced and what replaces it is the stem cells. By using stem cells Jeunesse has developed a special growth factor complex that heals our cells and slows down the appearance of the aging process. The process begins with the search for the best stem cells in the human body. These are found in the body’s fat layer. By using a sterile and specialised syringe, doctors extract a mixture of fatty tissue and a group of healthy stem cells. These are separated by a centrifuge system. They are placed in a petri dish and given food to grow. As they grow they multiply quickly filling in any gaps or holes. This is very similar to how the body heals wounds. During this phase, the stem cells release a chemical signal or what is called a growth factor. Growth factors are the cell’s language. This is how thousands of cells communicate in order to repair and regenerate tissue in the body. These growth factors or chemical signals are contained in the Jeunesse range. Growth factors allow us to deliver to the body the same growth factors (signals) that the body needs to repair and regenerate the tissues. When Luminesce is applied to your skin it is like the same process that the stem cells go through in the petri dish. Growth factors in the product talk to your body’s cells. The result a healthier, much younger, better looking you.

Keywords: Anti-ageing, Cosmetic Products, Skin Care

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