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By: M-tech Plastics  11-11-2011
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Agricultural Products

We supply a large range of products, many of which are listed below; some are kept as stock items in our warehouse whilst others are manufactured only upon request. Our core business involves the manufacturing of planting bags, ground sheeting and plastic tubing but this in no way excludes plastics used for other purposes.

All products are manufactured from 100% virgin UV stabilised material unless requested by the client to do otherwise. In this instance -- depending on the client’s wishes -- recycled material may be used or alternatively, a blended construction of recycled and virgin material.

A range of colours and sizes can be manufactured and bags can be printed on condition that the minimum quantity requirements thereof are met. Call us to receive a free sample pack.


The Agricultural Division of M-Tech Plastics specialises in the supply of plastic and packaging goods to the nursery, horticultural, vegetable and related
industries. We offer Rotogravure and Flexographic printing on various plastic materials in up to 10 colours.

Core Product

Planting Bags


  1. Plastic Planting Bags are a low cost replacement for rigid containers.
  2. Plastic Planting Bags are available in standard and custom sizes.
  3. More plants can be stored per square foot using Plastic Planting Bags.
  4. Plastic Planting Bags stimulate root growth.
  5. Water is conserved because moisture in the soil is retained longer when using Plastic Planting Bags.

Nurserymen are discovering that there are many reasons to replace rigid plastic and metal containers with Plastic Planting Bags. Economies are affected not only by lower initial cost but bags also require approximately 40 times less storage space than their rigid counterparts. The most significant advantage becomes evident through a study done on the differences between plants grown in Plastic Planting Bags compared with plants grown in rigid containers, all other things being equal (i.e. both received identical water, fertiliser and all other cultural practices). The outcomes are summed up nicely in the words of Doctor Carl E. Whitcomb which appeared in an article published in the June 1979 issue of American Nurserymen:

“At the end of the growing season, plants in soft containers were five to 15 percent larger than plants in the same size rigid plastic containers. This was surprising, because the rigid containers were green and the soft containers were black and, therefore, had slightly higher soil temperatures.

However, the reason for the growth increase was highly visible when the containers were removed. Plants grown in soft containers had a more fibrous root system than plants in rigid containers. Counts of white root tips visible on the surface of the root ball were more than six times greater on plants grown in soft containers.”

Standard Sizes:

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Keywords: Flexographic Printing, Plants, Plastic Materials, Rigid Containers

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