Broken Bag Detectors make monitoring dust collector filter systems easier

By: Midwesco Filter  11-11-2011

PCME Ltd Broken Bag Detectors and Bag Leak Detectors use PCME’s unique and patented ElectroDynamicTM Probe Electrification technology.  The sensor electronics measure the current signature created by particles interacting with the grounded sensing rod which protrudes into the stack.  The electronics extract a specific frequency band of this signal and electronically filters out the DC current caused by particle collisions.  The signal may be correlated to dust concentration.Core features of the ElectroDynamicTM Probe Electrification technology are that the signal generated is:
  • Unaffected by contamination of the sensor rod (which may cause signal drift issues for other systems).
  • Not affected by velocity variations within typical filter bag velocity ranges (8-20m/s).
Technology Comparison and BenefitsCompared to other types of AC systems, ElectroDynamicTM systems have the following added benefits:
  • An optimized frequency spectrum to extend the velocity range over which the system has no cross sensitivity to changing velocity (see TUV approvals).

Compared to DC triboelectric systems and ‘induction sensing and protected probe systems’, ElectroDynamicTM systems have the following added benefits:

  • Tolerance to contamination on the rod (no air purge for rod required and insulator air purge only recommended with conductive dusts).
  • Stable results and configuration (protected probes are not necessary in dry applications and therefore drift caused by electrostatic charging effects is avoided).
  • Reduced sensitivity to the effects of changing velocity.

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