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By: Jamalique Outsourcing Services Pty Ltd  12-07-2015
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Jamalique Outsourcing Services (Pty) Ltd provides payroll expertise at your fingertips. ◊ This is why you should outsource your payroll • Outsourcing eliminates complexity. You don’t have to stay up to date on payroll software and/or legislation (statutory requirements) – we do it for you. • Outsourcing gives you peace of mind and saves you time - leaving you to concentrate on your business. • Outsourcing reduces direct and indirect payroll administration costs– i.e. the purchasing of payroll software and the liability of annual licence fees. ◊ Services Offered • Package structuring and assistance with Cost to Company exercises. • Full processing from input of data to payslip of weekly and fortnightly wages. • Full processing from input of data to payslip of monthly salaries and management/executive salaries, keeping your executive payroll separate for more confidentiality. • Electronic and/or printed payslips. ◊ Added on to basic service provided • Leave management according to BCEA (Optional, leave report provided with payroll reports) • Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) of salaries and wages into employee accounts (optional). • Monthly EMP201 electronic returns to SARS (PAYE/SDL/UIF) via e-Filing. • Electronic submission of monthly UIF report to SARS. • COID Returns. • Application for tax directives. • Bi-annual online EMP501 reconciliation. • Full tax year end, uploading, preparing and issuing of year end IRP5/IT3a Certificates. • Preparing and reviewing [email protected] import file for mid- and end-of-tax-year processes. • Application of tax numbers for staff via [email protected] • Third party payments i.e. pension/provident funds, garnishees, administration and maintenance orders. • Back-up of signed-off payroll for revision. • Tax Reconciliation. • IT88 - [email protected] • Quarterly Statistic Returns. • Your data is backed up and there is a disaster recovery plan in place. • Structuring of contracts, both temporary and permanent. ◊ The Outsourcing Process: ◊ Compliance Complete legal compliance: Salaries and Wages are run on payroll software that is fully compliant with SARS legislation. ◊ The Cost Outsourcing your payroll to Jamalique Outsourcing Services (Pty) Ltd will cost you an initial once-off set up and implementation fee and a monthly cost effective, tailor-made package to suit your payroll requirements. ◊ Information included in Payslips Payslips are generated on basic salary, commission, overtime, bonus, travel allowances, medical aid contributions, pension/provident fund contributions, retirement annuity contributions, subsistence allowances and reimbursed expenses. • Company logo and address. • Pay-run period date. • Employee full details, i.e. initials, surname, date of birth, ID number, date engaged and banking details. • Employee code, job title, department code and pay point. • Annual leave taken and leave due @ end. • Package information, year to date totals and rate per hour. ◊ Monthly Reports following Pay-Run • Pay-run summary indicating total wages, salaries and statutory deductions for the pay period. • Remuneration List. • Company Reconciliation. • Variance Report. • Costing Report. • Medical Aid Report. • EMP201 Report. • UIF Report. • Confirmation of Statutory Payments made to SARS for the pay period • ODBC Reports (if required). • Department Summary. • Hours Report. • Staff Complement (if required). • Leave Report. ◊ Clients’ Responsibilities • A pay-run is generated in accordance with the information supplied and authorised by management. • Addressing queries from your employees. • Interaction with third parties. • Administering employee benefit funds. ◊ Terms of Service • Complete pay cycle of weekly, fortnightly and monthly pay-runs. • Both parties subject to one calendar month notice of cancellation. • Details on services required to be formalised contractually.

Keywords: Payroll Services, Tax Services

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