Gilroy Beers - Naturally brewed

Gilroy Beers - Naturally brewed from Gilroy Brewery

By: Gilroy Brewery  06-30-2009
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Gilroy Lager is a European type Lager.

The Gilroy Lager is brewed to the Rheinheitsgebot-using Czeck Saaz and German Halletau hops and Gilroy's wonderful lager yeast, matured for 8 weeks. A well balanced, flavoursome naturally carbonated lager. A session beer which fills the mouth with great body and a long finish.

Favourite is Gilroy's pale ale.

A superb light ale brewed with paler - golden and amber - malts, and Gilroy's own yeast. The Gilroy Favourite has 4% alcohol by volume, earning its place as the preferred light ale.

This beer is well bodied and extremely easy to drink. Underlying flavours of round sumer fruits and slightly caramelised honey. It is a session beer with a well-balanced finish which makes you want to open another straight away.

BJ Lankwarden, SA Beer Drinkers Guide Rating: SEVEN

Gilroy Traditional is a Ruby Ale.

Our classic ruby ale - a magnificent explosion of flavours on the tongue. Brewed using the best English kilned barley, grain, the finest malts and Kentish noble hops. The Gilroy Traditional is 5% alcohol by volume.

Great rustic flavour in the traditional way. A beer to come home to. Handcrafted red ale, elegantly rustic, a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

B J Lankwarden, SA Beer Drinkers Guide Rating: EIGHT

The premiun dark ale - Gilroy Serious

A rich, strong ale for the serious drinker. The amber and dark malts yields a dark warm claret colour to Gilroy Serious. Hold your glass to the light, and in the deep colour of Serious, warm ruby shades are revealed. A beer with flavours in places other beers don't have places. The Gilroy Serious is 7.75% alcohol by volume.

This is extremely well made and easy to drink, despite the high alcohol which is not noticable in the taste. A rare handcrafted masterpiece from the southern hemisphere.
B J Lankwarden, SA Beer Drinkers Guide Rating: NINE

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