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By: iBeauty - LASH XL'nt  04-01-2010
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iBeauty was established in 2009 and under the banner of LASH XL'nt offers YOU excellent eyelash extension treatments. With the current trends in Eyelash Enhancement and Eyelash extensions, we have kept abreast of our clients requirements and are proud to offer you the best quality glue and lash products available in South Africa.

We are situated in Moreleta Park and can reach us on 082 958 2761 for appointments. You may also visit our website for more information on your Eyelashes, Eyelash Extension procedure as well as Eyelash Extension maintenance. or e-mail

From 1 July 2011 this business profile and domain name will change to i-Beauty

Why should you choose LASH XL'nt for your lash extensions?

·for the convenience to find all the care and maintenance products you need under the same roof for long lasting results;

·for the promise that you will benefit from the expert hands of a professional style-oriented technician (advanced learning workshops on a regular basis);

·and for the guaranty that your technician will use high-tech glue:Fab-Dash Adhesive

·“Fab-factor” is provided by the fact that I use a style ofeyelash extension not supplied by any other company in South Africa!

We provide an innovative and revolutionary collection that gives you the look you want! As an Extension of our service, we also offer you the opportunity to do a mini-anti aging treatment around the eyes while you are relaxing during your eyelash Extension treatment. Please ask about this upon booking your reservation!

Have longer and thicker eyelashes permanently! Our products are safe to use on your natural lashes.

Our eyelashes are supple, comfortable and water resistant. The method I apply answers every woman’s need to look and feel good in a healthy way.

Prior to the procedure, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and determine - with the guidance of the technician - the curve, thickness, colour, and length of your dream eyelashes. You will also pick a shape for your extensions (natural or sophisticated). You will also be supplied by a document with the appropriate recommendations for daily care.

We are looking forward to welcome you at LASH XL'nt for your Eyelash Extension treatment.

082 958 2761

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New Year's Party accessory: Eyelash Extenions

The perfect compliment to your New Year's party outfit: EYELASH EXTENIONS! Suitable for ladies of all ages! Feels soft and comfortable Provides a feminine look Looks natural and will keep them guessing....are those real...or do you naturally have such gorgeous lashes

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3D Volume Russian-Fluffy Eyelash Extension

Fluffy, soft fuller eyelashes. An amazing improvement on my classic work, still just as light weight and natural feeling as before.

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Derma Pen Micro Needling and skin needling

The most effective (time and money!) way to firmer skin, healing scarring and promoting anti aging by thickening the dermis, boosting collagen production without removing the epidermis(outer layer of skin) I love this technology! It is virtually painless compared to a roller.


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Eyelash Perming

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Permanent Make Up By Elnari Breytenbach

Proper research is vitally essential when choosing your permanent make-up artist. Skill, passion and most importantly perfection should be an absolute, and an extensive portfolio should be part and parcel of your research. After completing intensive training courses by the USA Master and Pioneer of Permanent Make-up and Intra-Dermal Cosmetics, Sandy Hammons, I am confident that my service offered to you will epitomise all of the above. VISIT US:

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Revive Your Youth: The ultimate non surgical anti-aging facial!

You will not believe your eyes when you see the results of iBeauty's new facial treatment called: Revive Your Youth. For R400 you will experience 5 treatments in one (90 mins) * Dark circles under the eyes become lighter and puffiness under the eyes become less prominent. * Firmer skin tone; * Brows, forehead, eyes and cheeks are lifted. * Deep wrinkles are smoothed out;

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List of Services

The best priced Facials and Eyelash Extensions in Pretoria East! Eyelash Extensions: Classic Fullset: R600 Classic Half set: R400; 3D Volume Fullset R850; 3D Half set: R600; Party Lashes 45mins! R350 120 mins Anti-Aging facials: With Micro Current Non Surgical face lift R 450 90 mins Mini facial


Anti Aging facials with Jeunesse premium Skin care

A facial is a great way to take care of your skin. At i-Beauty the aim of our facials are to anti-age the skin as well as to de-stress and relax our clients. When you wake up from your facial, you will look & feel great. Your skin will be firmer and more supple. Your eyes will glitter with joy, because you can really see a difference that quickly after an anti-aging facial with Jeunesse at i-Beauty. R400 full facial with Non surgical face lift...

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Jeunesse Premium Skin Care: Better Than Botox!

Better than botox:We all want to look younger…with out having to fork out a fortune…and of course painlessly! If you could see results in 7 days; have fine lines and wrinkles improve...i-Beauty now offers...

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Jeunesse: Premium Skin Care range

It's been long known that formulating cosmetics is an in depth science greatly pivoting on top of ethics. Annastine Marais has formulated a cosmetic range here in Pretoria South Africa that contains a very high percentage active ingredient compared to ANY other skin care range. Jeunesse ( French for: YOUTH) contains everything you need to anti-age the skin and is free of everything your skin does not need: thus no paraben, no perfume and no colourants...The proof is in the pudding...

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WOW! Anti-ageing eye treatment with eylash extensions...

I wish I have tried this sooner. Who does not want to look youthful, radiant and...well let's face it: GORGEOUS! i-Beauty offers...


Wake-up in your make-up!

Eyelash extensions are nothing like false eyelashes or strip lashes! The look and feel totally natural. You can swim, shower, exercise and enjoy facials without worrying about your lashes falling off or "raccoon eyes" caused by smudging mascara. Eyelash Extensions are the perfect compliment for brides to your bridal make-up on your wedding day!

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Enhance you everlasting Wedding day memories with gorgeous eyelash extensions

In my opinion, all brides are beautiful. If you want to enhance your appearance on your wedding photographs, I highly recommend having eyelash extensions for this momentous occasion. At LASH XL'nt we have a special package for the bride to be: R950 for 2 full sets of eyelash extension and one maintenance treatment. Please see our full article for details on what you receive with this and how to reach me. I am in Pretoria East, South Africa.