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By: Eyelash Extensions LASH XL'nt  05-24-2011
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Dr. Giampapa: Human growth hormone(HGH) is a complex polypeptide hormone consisting of 191 amino acids.
There are many symptoms of aging that negatively affect our quality of life, such as increased body fat, loss of lean muscle tissue, lower energy levels, decreased sexual function, weakened immune function and decreased skin tightness. Secretagogue Gold is formulated to alleviate these symptoms by addressing certain changes that occur during the physiological aging process.

With so many artificial and invasive age management options available, Dr. Giampapa takes a different approach with Secretagogue Gold . It is one of he most effective, natural ways to alleviate the aging process. It draws ont eh advances in anti-aging medicine and age management sceince, combined with new medical discoveries of the body's own pre-programmed mechanisms to maintain itself in a young and healthy state.

Utilizing a scientific blend of safe, clinically proven nutrients in perfect balance, Secretagogue Gold augments natural growth hormone release by supporting the body's natural physiological processes responsible for the production of HGH.It uses an advanced systemic approach, focusing on these key bio-markers of aging - stimulating the pituitary, inhibiting somatostatin, controlling blood sugar levels and improving liver functions. Dr. Gaimpapa's clinically researched systemic approach is now being made available to you! in Secretagogue Gold. So you can look better, feel better and achieve an improved quality of life.

Keywords: Beauty Treatment, Human Growth Hormone, Secretagogue Gold, Youthfull appearance,

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