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By: Eyelash Extensions LASH XL'nt  05-24-2011
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Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, comprising around a third of our total protein matter. In structure, it’s long and fibrous, which makes its function quite different from that of globular proteins such as enzymes. Bundles of collagen pack together to form long, thin fibrils and these are a major component of the extra-cellular matrix that supports most tissues and gives cells structure.

Native collagen is naturally insoluble in water. It can be made soluble through a process involving partial hydrolysis and extraction to yield hydrolysed collagen. Peptan is a type 1 hydrolysed collagen. Type 1 indicates that it’s the same collagen as that found in skin.

Scientific literature indicates that hydrolysed collagen works on skin condition through a number of mechanisms. Postlethwaite et al (1978) suggest that when type 1 collagens are digested, the peptides which result are chemo-attractants for fibroblasts. Fibroblasts produce collagen and are the main cells of the dermis (the central layer of skin). It’s believed the collagen peptides then stimulate these fibroblast cells to trigger the synthesis and reorganisation of new collagen fibres.

Matsuda et al (2006) showed that hydrolysed collagen may improve the mechanical strength of the skin by increasing the ratio of decorins. These are proteins that interact with collagen and influence collagen fibrillogenesis, therefore regulating excessive bundle-like aggregation of collagen.

What were the main findings of the studies carried out on Peptan?

Peptan Hydrolysed Collagen is clinically proven to enhance skin health. Positive findings from two scientific studies give it all-important credibility for the nascent nutri-cosmetic industry. Two new scientific studies in France and Japan, looking at the effects of taking Peptan on skin condition, have shown benefits across a range of indicators. Objective measurements showed that women taking Peptan for between eight and 12 weeks had improved skin moisture levels, suppleness and smoothness. It not only reduced the number of micro relief furrows, but also prevented the formation of deep wrinkles.

Does the ingredient appeal to consumers?

Nègre: Collagen is one of the world’s key ingredients for beauty-from-within products, and that’s why the results of the Peptan Hydrolysed Collagen clinical studies are so important. Valid scientific studies like these provide the proof consumers have been waiting for and place Peptan at the forefront for successful, new nutri-cosmetic product launches.

What beauty ingredient trends can you pinpoint for 2010/11?

The increasing awareness of links between what we eat and our health and physical appearance means that the concept of nutri-cosmetics or beauty foods offers attractive opportunities to food, beverage and supplement producers.

With concrete scientific evidence that Peptan really does improve the moisture content of the epidermis and helps to prevent skin ageing, companies now have a springboard for successful, new product launches targeting beauty from within.

Peptan is a natural, high-purity bioactive ingredient. Its versatility and excellent organoleptic properties make it easy to use and to incorporate in many kinds of foods and dietary supplements. It’s highly soluble, clear and stable in solution.

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