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VESPAS (Pty) Ltd is a company owned by 4 vibrant young women that specialise in Office Administration, Executive Personal Assistant and in various other fields. Combined we have over 50 years’ experience within the   group, ranging from General Office Administration to Project- and Events Management, etc. We are proudly a fully BBEEE compliant company.

VESPAS (Pty) Ltd is the ultimate virtual office administration and personal assistant service. We will help you reduce your business and office workload and meet your busy personal and corporate commitments through our team of online professionals.

VESPAS (Pty) Ltd prepares all your work to a stage where just your final consent or approval is required to complete the work.

·         Flexible process to meet the client’s business style and to build trust-based relationships.

·         It is our policy not to disclose any information about our clients to any other person or organizations. The information we received will be used only for which our client provided to us.

·         We strongly believe that the speed and accuracy have to be balanced in track. Our young team is excellently trained to improve their speed day by day with 100% accuracy and flexible enough to work extra time, even on non-work days to complete the projects in time.

·         Setting benchmarks continuously with integrated processes and interaction between committed team members to ensure that quality levels are high from the initial stage of a “project” to its final outcome.

·         We are a company with diverse talents and skills. Our leadership structure offers a dynamic atmosphere in which talented, creative, motivated and very dedicated people thrive. We don’t just acknowledge hard work and achievements; we reward it and groom it.

·         We have an experienced team of ambitious, vibrant, young professionals with the ability to update with latest trends and requirements of our client.

·         Our team’s passion is to take challenges in order to deliver and often exceed clients’ expectations.

Ø  Utilizing VESPAS (Pty) Ltd enables professionals to spend more time on their core money generating business and less time on the administrative aspects of the business.

Ø  VESPAS (Pty) Ltd offers cost effective office administration support.

Ø  VESPAS (Pty) Ltd has international experience.

Ø  VESPAS (Pty) Ltd is efficient and has a fast turnaround time.

Ø  With VESPAS (Pty) Ltd you only pay whenever you need help. This means that you only get to spend for the services completed.

Ø  You don't have to deal with any personal and office issues or conflicts.

Ø  You don't need to look for more office space. With VESPAS (Pty) Ltd, you can save yourself some money and the hassle.

Ø  There's more privacy, all documentation and information are treated as highly confidential.

Ø  Virtual personal assistants are usually gifted with not only knowledge but also experience.

Ø  We have already dealt with the same issues, problems, and needs that your company is currently facing right now.

Ø  We perfectly understand the admin needs and demands of any business.

Ø  You are not obliged to give us any company benefits. You simply have to ensure that you don't miss out paying our due.

Ø  Recognition and acknowledgement for our services and dedication is much appreciated.

Ø  You can be sure that VESPAS (Pty) Ltd can do the job effectively, efficiently and professionally.                                                             

Ø  We aspire to become the global leaders in our profession.

Ø  We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

Ø  Nothing but the best is good enough for us and our clients.

Ø  We strive to set trends that inspire others.

Ø  We undertake to manage your workflow in an organised, effective and efficient manner.

Ø  We dedicate and commit ourselves to provide a world-class service to our clients.

Ø  We aspire to perform tasks of the highest quality, accurately and timeously.

Ø  We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, based on trust and mutual respect.

Ø  We commit to respect and treat our clients professionally and courteously at all times.

Ø  We strive to provide a professional, cost effective solution to satisfy your business needs.

Ø  We guarantee 100% confidentiality always.

Ø  We have a deep integrity and will ensure the highest Code of Conduct.

Ø  We aim to always have sufficient infrastructure for anytime expansion.

Ø  We aim to continuously grow and achieve 100% success.

We pride ourselves on our:

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