Sicon Conveyor System

By: Senet  11-11-2011

Sicon Conveyor System

The Sicon belt is a conveyor belt capable of negotiating small-radius curves. This renders transfer points superfluous. The belt is closed from the feeding point to the discharge point. What is more, the belt is closed on the return side as well to help minimize dust and spillage problems.

The Sicon belt is an ingenious development. Its distinctive feature is that it folds to form a loop. The ends of the belt have profiles with steel cords vulcanized in. These assist in keeping the belt on track by means of guide and support rollers. The belt's working stress is borne by steel cords. The central section of the belt, which supports the weight of the material conveyed, is made of ultra-elastic rubber. In this system, the steel cords are arranged in a vertical axis on top of one another. This ensures that they retain the same radius even in curves of up to 180°.

Thanks to their outstanding features, Sicon conveyor belts are in use worldwide in the most diverse areas.


  • Mastery of height differences in tight situations
  • Curves negotiated very well, rendering transfer points largely superfluous
  • No spillage
  • Two-way conveyor system
  • No pollution due to dust emissions
  • Sensitive material is protected
  • Streamlined mounting
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Incline gradient of up to 35°
  • Self-cleaning belt
  • Transport through 180° curves with a radius smaller than 1 meter
  • Many feeding and discharging options
  • Adept loading and acceleration system

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