Manual Strapping Tools

By: Fromm Packaging Systems  08-24-2013
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How to use a Manual Plastic Strapping Tool
Personal packaging jobs can range from small gift boxes to the large-scale packaging of home furnishings and household appliances. Plastic strapping is best used for small to mid-sized projects that demand a certain level of portability. When packing any delicate item, surround it in a pressure-absorbing material like foam or soft plastic. Once the item is secured in its box or container, use an adhesive to stabilize the outer portions of the package. Plastic straps should be wrapped tightly around the package at even intervals. Most small to mid-sized packages can be secured with only two straps wrapped evenly around both sides of the package. Straps often come with buckles or ties to adjust the desired tightness of the strap. Tighten plastic straps until they rest flush against the outer material of the package.

Keywords: Manual Strapping Tool, Strapping Tools,

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