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By: Movit International Removers  07-25-2013
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The perils of office moving

Moving an office might sound small and easy but do you realize all the planning, packing and inconvenience it could cause you, your staff members and the company’s income for the office moving period?  This is why you should always make use of the services of one of the most reputable office moving companies in Johannesburg, Movit.  Here are some of the pitfalls of undertaking to move the office yourself:

•With most offices owning more than only the proprietor and some including hundreds of staff members on many floors, it is not just a simple task of having each staff member grab their computer and getting into a car.  It goes without saying that it is something that needs to be thoroughly planned and executed down to the finest detail with the assistance of a competent office moving company in Johannesburg such as Movit.

•Computers and all electrical accessories are extremely sensitive, making it a very high-risk item to disconnect, transport and re-connect, as many problems could arise from incompetent hands attempting the process.  When performed by a reputable office moving company in Johannesburg such as Movit, you can be sure that only the most qualified staff members that have had vast training in office electricals will handle your office hardware.

•The process of moving office electricals is a far more intricate process than one might think, and which involves a lot more steps prior to the actual move of the items to another establishment.  Areas such as the connection of the internet, phone lines and plugs for the new office should be considered and planned for before the actual move commences as it will save you a lot of time and productivity during your moving period.  

•It is only with the services of a qualified office moving company in Johannesburg such as Movit that every single detail and execution thereof will be discussed and managed for you, therewith easing a lot of stress and tension during the office move.

Movit’s office moving company in Johannesburg will, as our reputation precedes us, make sure that your entire office move, including all the finer details and problems that could arise, be taken care of swiftly, efficiently and at the most cost effective rate possible, giving you the time to prioritize all other important office details and thereby keeping your staff and your company on track.  Phone Movit, one of the most respected office moving companies in Johannesburg as well as throughout the country, at (011) 312-5196 for the most professional service that will conform to your exact specifications.

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