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By: Motor SA  07-20-2012
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Motor SA first issue will be launched at the end of August  2012. Our vision and mission is to give you,our valued client, the largest coverage possible and to reach the most individual readers. My teamand I have secured the commitment of over 100 garage’s (Engen, Caltex, Total, Sasol) to distributeto within the Gauteng Region. Our goal is to distribute 10 000 copies of the first issue thereafterincreasing to plus 20 000 copies which will include distribution to the outlining areas of johannesburg.As per our research you will reach between  20 000 and 40 000 readers every month.
Motor SA content will include editorial columns enabling the public to interact and provide feedbackwith comments and insights into the South African motor industry. Also covered will be small and major launches (motor, bike and charity) and events. Also part of the content will be sound & security, Mag dealers, Panel Beating, Chip Tuning, Customizing, Car Parts, Boats, Trucks, Aircraft and loads ofcar related products and services.  All costs have been carefully calculated and have been kept to the bare minimum. You have the choice of quarter, half and full pages. Our website is under construction currently and youwill be able to load your Motor vehicles for FREE in the next month. We want to assist you, our valued client, in reaching your goals and targets and we believe that increating Motor SA Magazine we will be doing just that.

Dhesen Govender

Keywords: Advertising, MOTOR