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Horse Worx Equi-therapy from Horse Worx Children's Equi-therapy Centre Centurion / Midrand

By: Horse Worx Children's Equi-therapy Centre Centurion / Midrand  07-03-2014
Keywords: Personal Development, Life Coaching, Trauma

Pony Parties - we bring our ponies to you ! ______________________________________________________________________ Equi-therapy (another term is hippotherapy), also, sensory integration therapy, movement therapy, is based on the movement of the fluid in the inner ear. To be able to learn, our bodies should observe, and our brain should be able to organize and adapt these observations. Research has shown that learning disabilities, such as midline-crossing, low muscle tone, attention deficit, etc. are caused by a dysfunction in the sensory integration system, which means that organizing observations are not happening correctly. During Equi-therapy optimal sensory integration will take place, optimal movement of the liquid in the inner ear, which will open all communication channels between the observation system and the two hemispheres of the brain. The learning process can now take place a lot easier, and learning problems can be addressed through different educational games, while on horseback (we bring our ponies to your school; for special needs / more intense therapy required we have a therapy centre in Glen Austin, Midrand).

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