Almonds from Empirestate Trading

By: Empirestate Trading  01-19-2010
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Only the best Almonds straight out of California, USA 

The origin of the almond can be located in the temperate desert areas of western Asia, from which it gradually spread to the warm and dry regions of the . A fruit full of history and tradition, the almond is presently the most important article among the edible nuts, being the indisputable leader of the world market.

With an extraordinary nutritious value the almond contains a high level of calories, being very rich in calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

The principal producing countries are the , , , , , Tunissia and . They are marketed in various forms: inshell, shelled, blanched, slivered, chopped, flour, roasted, sweetened, salted ...

It is used as a snack, in confectionery (marzipan, "turrón", nougat ...), food products (almond milk, ice cream, chocolate), culinary recipes and also as a cosmetic base.

Keywords: Almonds