Bandzishe Marketing Strategies & Marketing Plans. Bandzishe Business Strategies and Business Plans.

Bandzishe Marketing Strategies & Marketing Plans. Bandzishe Business Strategies and Business Plans. from Bandzishe Group

By: Bandzishe Group   04-09-2009
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WE wish to help YOU with the following services:

Bandzishe Marketing Consultancy – Let us engage with an assigned in-company person, marketing manager, marketing executive or team to develop a market-winning strategy for your business.
Strategy Reviews – Allow us to conduct constructive reviews of your company’s marketing strategy, and its internal and external resources charged with executing it.

Bandzishe Marketing Workshops – Permit us to conduct hands-on, in-company marketing workshops in all the core areas of your business, in which your employees improve by applying the learning to their own business units.

Bandzishe Short-term objectives inside your business – Let us review and advise you on how to best market and manage your products, services, delivery system, customer enchantment, operations marketing support, value chain, sales and revenues.

Bandzishe Short-term objectives outside your business – Are you making your customers happy? Do you know what your competitors are doing? Is your Advertising winning you many new customers? What about distribution channels and pricing? Please let us help.

Bandzishe Long-term objectives inside and outside your business – Permit us to position and grow your brand by making compelling customer propositions through innovation and creativity.

In summary and certainty:  You will undoubtedly be in good hands with us, as the Handlers, Strategic Partners and Independent Executives entrusted with your Everyday Tactical Marketing Management of the following:   

·         Bandzishe Key Accounts Marketing
·         Bandzishe One-to-One Relationship Marketing
·         Bandzishe Marketing Collateral / Material / Brochures
·         Bandzishe Direct Marketing
·         Bandzishe Sales Promotions
·         Bandzishe Events, Personal Selling
·         Bandzishe Intranet Interactive
·         Bandzishe Website Interactive
·         Bandzishe Internet Marketing
·         Bandzishe Public Relations
·         Bandzishe Publicity
·         Bandzishe Advertising
·         Bandzishe Brand Building and Brand Management
·         Bandzishe Internal Communications and production of all newsletters
·         Etcetera   

We wish to lead your business in driving profitable growth and managing all the markets you want to serve. This will ensure that we focus, for you, on the best opportunities to create, accelerate and sustain future cash flows and best returns for your business and shareholders. Let us handle your competition for you. This includes management of the timing of market entry and market exit, and identification of new markets and endless opportunities thereafter.  LET US GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

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