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By: Empire roller shutter doors  09-18-2012
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1     Standard RollerShutter Doors                                               


Every standard roller shutter door comes galvanized forall small retail with slide bolts as precaution.


2     Perforation                                      

Perforation can be used for all small retail business asa safety precaution and is a regular request for most commercial applications.

Perforation gives a transparency within any store toprovide the full space Roller shutter with partial visibility.


3     Fenestre               

Fenestre is used when a client would like to give windowshoppers an option to have maximum visibility within their stores. Fenestre isspaced 50mm x 30mm and gives full space transparency with any store.


We offer weather strips to prevent water from seepingthrough the bottoms of the door. The standard supplied thickness in slats is0,8mm and can be provided at 1mm upon application requests.





·       Standard Gearboxes                                                   

Each gearbox is designed to maintain the weight        of the size of each shutter door. Standardgearboxes are designed to maintain doors up to a maximum size of 3m x 3m.



·       Heavy dutygearboxes

Heavyduty gearboxes are designed to support Roller shutter doors up to 6m x6m.



·       Extra heavy dutygearboxes

Extraheavy duty gearboxes are designed to support Roller shutter doors up to 9m x9m.



·       Through The WallGearbox


Through the wall gearboxes are designed for Rollershutter doors that have a door fitted on the inside and will beat the necessityof a wicket gate to operate the roller shutter door from the outside.





Chain sets are provided in only the highest quality andis considered the best and most modern form of roller shutter functionality. Weprovide the best type of chain sets in the form of cast iron for the highestlevel of customer satisfaction and life long item value. Complete chain setsoffer an additional locking mechanism for extra safety precautions to ensure ourcustomers that reliability and ease of mind for safety and security



·       Motor operation


The latest motor in the roller shutter industry currentlyis the battery back-up powered motor system. It provides up to five days ofroller shutter power operation during power surges and blackouts. backup motors has an independent locking systemwhich ensures that no other locking mechanism would be necessary. Empire doors rangesin a large variety of motor systems which depend entirely on the size of rollershutter required to support the load? The largest motor available supports upto 1.5 tons of mass.





·                   Installation:

Every installation is customized to the openingspecifications and requirements. Therefore whenever an application isauthorized, Empire doors will send a representative to evaluate theapplications opening and give the client the best recommendation and advicewhere both applicable and possible.


·                   Manufacturing:

At Empire roller shutter doors, we professionalize inmanufacturing our own products for our trademark to differentiate us from othercompanies. All our products are installed by qualified fitters for long lifesustainability on all our products for the greatest level of satisfaction forany client.



·                   Maintainance andrepairs:

We offer our customers an open twenty four hour periodto ensure their company and product safety at any given time or period. Asspecialists in the roller shutter industry we handle all types and sizes ofmaintenance.



·                   Customer servicesplan:

We at empire doors strive to ensure the lifetime ofeach roller door. To maintain this level of standard it has become bothpriority and protocol to ensure annual customer services. In this we now offerour clients a customer service plan according to our client Requirements. Weoffer our clients “customer service plans” up to twenty five years.

Keywords: Roller Shutter, roller shutter doors, Roller Shutters, Shutter Doors

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