Blue Iris Supported Systems (Partial List

By: Blue Iris  11-11-2011

MITEM has been integrating different computer systems since 1985. The company was founded with this specific goal in mind and has numerous patents protecting its intellectual property in this regard. Organizations around the world depend upon MITEM's highly sophisticated integration solutions to provide mission-critical applications.

The following is a partial list of systems that have been integrated using the Blue Iris family of products. If you do not see your system on this list, please contact us for more details and the most current information.

Interface Engines

  • SeeBeyond Datagate
  • SeeBeyond e*Gate*
  • Siemens OPENLink
  • Sybase TDM
  • Quovadx QDX Integrator (Cloverleaf)

HIS Systems

  • HBOC Healthquest (McKesson)
  • HBOC Series 7.0 (McKesson)
  • HBOC Series 2000 (McKesson)
  • Precision 2000 (Siemens Medical Solutions)
  • Soarian Clinical Access (Siemens Medical Solutions)
  • STAR 2000 (McKesson)
  • UNITY (Siemens Medical Solutions)

LIS Systems

  • ALG
  • Citation CLAB (Cerner)
  • Classic (Cerner)
  • Horizon Lab (McKesson)
  • MEDITECH Client/Server
  • Millennium (Cerner)
  • MISYS Commercial (MISYS Healthcare Systems)
  • Novius Lab 26.4 (Siemens Medical Solutions)
  • SoftBank (SCC Soft Computer)
  • SoftLab (SCC Soft Computer)
  • SoftMic (SCC Soft Computer)
  • Sunquest (MISYS Healthcare Systems)
  • Sysware PowerLab

Anatomic Pathology Systems

  • CoPath Plus (MISYS Healthcare Systems)
  • Citation AP (Cerner)
  • SoftPath (SCC Soft Computer)
  • Tamtron (PowerPath)

Physician Practice Management Systems (EMR's)

  • Computer Programs and Systems Inc (CPSI)
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Emdeon Clinician (WebMD)
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • IDX
  • Logician
  • Mag Mutual
  • MARS Medical Systems
  • MedEnt
  • Medic (MISYS)
  • Medical Manager
  • MISYS AutoChart
  • Med-Elite
  • SuperBill Corporation
  • Weimer-Martin

Other products and services from Blue Iris


Blue Iris - Product Benefits

The Blue Iris family of products provide rich features and interfaces to 3rd party products that transform cumbersome hospital information systems into clinician-friendly applications. Blue Iris is designed to improve the ordering process and accessibility of patient data from disparate clinical information systems. Imaging integration that allows doctors to see imaging data in context with the rest of the patient data.


Blue Iris - Security

The Blue Iris family of products provide clinicians with distributed, Web-based applications that employ industry standard security. By utilizing 128-bit SSL and remote access security, Blue Iris ensures systems remain 100% HIPAA compliant. In some cases security is even tighter than the original clinical information systems.



Built to incorporate the latest technological standards, Blue Iris Connect coupled with Blue Iris eLaborate allows physician's to create orders and receive results that are electronically sent to and from MEDITECH MAGIC through a Web browser on almost any computer, from almost anywhere in the world.


Blue Iris - HIPAA Compliance

HIPPA Security Standards compliancy is accomplished by ensuring systems, policies and procedures meet or exceed all required and addressable implementation specifications. The Congress of the United States enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act on August 21. MITEM Corporation is committed to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Stan- dards.