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In the South african Motorsport industry, one common thread joins everyone. From the most obnoxious yuppies to the most hickish of hicks, Autostyle runs through our blood. And what is more recognizable from this styling giant than their newly renovated designer head office and core of operations situated in Mayfair, Johannesburg with strong representation in Kwa-Zulu Natal through their Umhlanga branch? The average joe won’t take much notice to it – to them it’s nothing more than a vessel which holds the precious style-giving liquid. However, upon careful inspection, it’s an awesome work of art. Lets take a look at this little marvel shall we?

Autostyle Motorsport KZN has been around for no more than seven years or so and it is a clear cut above their new and impressive showroom in Mayfair, Johannesburg. Not only are they located in one of the most prestigious business centres in KZN, their presence has no doubt had a shattering effect in the marketplace.

The first thing your eyes will no doubt be led to is the bright yellow clear-cut signage outside. But then again they don’t care about having a logo that has flashing, seizure-inducing lights or a deranged clown-like figure – they just want you walking in and checking out their race-track interior, complete with the halves of a Golf Mk 1 on either side of the showroom floor. Your sense of sight is automatically overwhelmed with an astonishing amount of motor-related propaganda, and you have no doubt already spent an obscene amount of money in your mind!

Always fresh. Always new. They beat any price. And clearly ‘open 7 days a week’ …

The real deviousness of the Autostyle Motorsport brand comes from careful study of it. I myself have been an unfortunate victim, for an untold number of years, of this next aspect. Ask a person what is in an Autostyle Motorsport store. Most won’t know, only those who are observant will have noticed. Go ahead, take a look yourself (and I know, if South African, you have probably made your way over there already). That’s right, the background is a fine example of subliminal advertising. At a quick glance, we are unable to see anything but a showroom laden with fancy glass cabinets, the colours red, yellow and purple reiterating the strong brand presence. However, our brain’s perception has already seen some blinged mags, custom body-kits and hard core sound installs, all without us being consciously aware.

Autostyle Motorsport KZN is no different.

Their showroom boasts over XXX thousand products, is home to the annual ‘Autostyle Motorsport Motorshow’ and has already had exposure on local and international media markets.

Not only has AUTOSTYLE MOTORSPORT created a brand that is easily identifiable within web and print media, but their reach has extended to the masses, by introducing motorshows as part of their portfolio in June 2003. Since then, they have established its regularity as a yearly event, with thousands of participants and on-lookers making their way from all across the country to Autostyle Motorsport Umhlanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal during the last weekend of May, or the first weekend of June, annually.

Public can look forward to styling, dyno and sound competitions as well as hourly giveaways and sponsored prizes, as well as the handing out of trophies at the end of the evening. The media presence is high, with reporters present from a host of community newspapers, and the editorial teams from various publications covering the event for inclusion in their magazine.

Statistics have shown an increase of over 50% of visitors to the store on the day over the past 6 years, making the 2008 turnout an incredible 30 000 people! In order to facilitate this growing trend, they have enforced a strong police presence, via the use of the Durban Metro police in conjunction with a private security company, throughout the day ensuring that the safety of their customers has not been compromised. They are not only able to promise our customers a safe environment, but a clean one too.

Being physically in touch with their consumers allows them the opportunity to understand how AUTOSTYLE MOTORSPORT is relevant in the marketplace and to explore target market experiences, perceptions, attitudes and needs in respect of the motor industry. They are also able to identify any defining characteristics associated with the industry, this relative to competitors. Further to this, they are able to explore the ‘stretch’ of AUTOSTYLE MOTORSPORT and outlay trends with regard to car accessories and car audio. Their main objective is to provide visual exposure of all products in their showroom and increase sales and product awareness.

Autostyle Motorsport has rolled into the new century with this new online concept, first in SA might I add, with over 7000 (yes, seven thousand) delish products and business has never been better.

I for certain give them a thumbs up for functionality sporting a custom search engine allowing products to be searched by codes, words or brand names. In addition to functionality, comes feasibility - the user is entitled to exclusive specials and free-shipping promotions and has the advantage of ‘jumping the queue’ by pre-booking an order to collect at the Jo’burg branch. Has their subliminal and guerrilla advertising paid off? It certainly has. And with some candy being delivered to your doorstep in 2 – 4 days, its pure consumer bliss.

They have also managed to safely secure their position for the 3 consecutive year as being winners in their category of ‘Best Automotive Website’, and had the privilege and honour of being selected as a finalist in the FNB Islamic Business Awards in the ‘Small Business’ category for the year running 2008. Talk about being in the limelight! The Styling Guru’s are smiling upon their creation and we’re all smiling from our motor-induced happiness.

Despite the underhandedness and deviousness, I hold in my hand a basket full of goodies. I’ve recognized the advertising scheme that they have concocted and yet I still partake in their products. Now that’s effective advertising.

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