Community Dialogue of South Africa (CODISA

By: Codisa  11-11-2011
Keywords: Corporate Governance

CODISA Development services promulgated in January 2005 clearly stipulating the services of the Organization in building the Capacity of NGOs within the Gauteng Province:

  • To be a one – stop hub that assists NGOs to exploit the created development & empowerment building opportunities by diverse development Institutions,
  • To cerate a culture of compliance by NGOs and navigate small NGOs towards reaching their full potential & development goals,
  • Through the one – on – one consultation NGOs are advised, mentored, encouraged and guided through the “how to’s & the “next steps”,
  • NGOs are further required to develop a needs assessment form/s that should completed by their service consumers,
  • CODISA has a help – desk that links NGOs to diverse Development service providers (Government Departments & Development Agencies, NGO Membership Organizations, Local & International Donors & Training Institutions).
  • CODISA NGO Database categorizes NGOs according to their development involvement and their development track records, needs and the next steps needed to be taken in order to make them grow and be self – sustainable.
  • Accountability has become an integral part of development which this has led to many emerging NGOs to experience financial difficulties which are caused by lack of resources. Through the absence of Corporate Governance in many organizations, donor Institutions cannot commit development resources; this is what prompted CODISA to specialize in Corporate Governance development for NGOs.


Community Dialogue of South Africa (CODISA) provides free Consultation services & the following development & empowerment services;

  1. One on one Consultation
  2. NGO Referrals,
  3. NGO Funding (Outside Presentation)
  4. NGO Fundraising (External Training)
  5. NGO Fundraising Workshops
  6. NGO Workshops
  7. NGO Sector Networking Sessions
  8. NGO Information sessions
  9. NGO SI Services
  10. NGO Governance (Training by UNISA) SBL
  11. NGO Mentorship
  12. NGO Database linkages, &
  13. NGO Capacity Building

For the specialized organization services, please call the organization to make an appointment.

Keywords: Corporate Governance