Information Security – South Africa the Haven for Cyber Criminals

Information Security – South Africa the Haven for Cyber Criminals from Tech Junk

By: Tech Junk  10-31-2013
Keywords: Security Systems, Computer Security, Information Security

Is South Africa at the top of the list of the most vulnerable countries when it comes to information security threats? Just recently a number of fast food restaurants in South Africa were attached by an international hacking syndicate causing the banks to lose millions of rands, bringing into question the state of the information security in South Africa as a whole not just those fast food chains that were hit. With a number of South Africans doing most of their transactions online, this information security vulnerability is a concerning matter. Are the affected organisations including the government doing enough to curb this information security problem that has been going on for long? In 2012 the first major cybercrime of the year took place in South Africa when a state owned bank was robbed of about R42 million as reported by the TimesLive. This is one of the clear indications that majority of the institutions especially the state affiliated organisations do not take their information security needs in high regard. This is the reason why most of the cybercrime syndicates are targeting South Africa. The attacks were mostly aimed at the government websites initially, but in recent months it has escalated to the private and financial institutions and this is a very worrying development and it is a clear indication that information security has to be a number one priority for all the vulnerable organisations (financial and non-financial) in South Africa. Read the rest of the article here

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