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By: African Heritage  11-11-2011
Keywords: Cultural History


African Heritage Consultants, advisors on the conservation, interpretation and development of South Africa’s cultural and physical heritage.

Our activities include:

  • Advice
  • Documentation
  • Research
  • Conservation
  • Utilization developmet
  • Mitigation


  • Developers need to execute a ‘Heritage Resources Impact Assessment’ to identify and avoid damage to heritage sites. We provide in the need for expert advice on the impact and legal ramifications both in Archaeology and Cultural History.

  • A society in transformation, as is the South African nation, is in need of rediscovering the neglected past and celebrating the rediscovered heritage. In this regard there is a special interest from educational authorities.

  • Thirdly there is the economic need to leverage South Africa’s heritage for purposes of development and tourism.

In short the underlying need is for the preservation of South Africa’s rich and long heritage so that the South Africans can cherish their roots and celebrate the splendours of their heritage. We believe that taking care of this need is very important. Our roots define our identity. Without our heritage we are shadows of our true selves. South Africa is blessed with the long and most diverse human history (heritage) in the world. Without unlocking this history we cannot share in it, nor can we resuscitated the future.


  • Our key asset is the intellectual capital accrued over a lifetime in the southern African environment. This is embodied in the person Dr Udo Küsel and those of the associates that are contracted for specialist services on the various projects.

  • We offer an integrated, holistic solution. Our approach integrates the disciplines of archaeology and cultural history as well as two different domains, that of Africa and Europe.

  • In the Western model tangible heritage is of prime importance where in Africa the non-tangible is valued. In our approach we emphasise a new model, which recognises the tangible heritage but puts emphasis on the intangible heritage.

We believe that we are unique in offering of a holistic integrated African model.


The past becomes a living force in the present. We integrate the past into the present. This unlocks economic value for tourism; makes the South African nation proud of its roots and take developers beyond the zone where they simply comply with legislation into a realm where conservation adds value to their projects.

Keywords: Cultural History