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By: Airspan  11-11-2011
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AirHarmony provides a revolutionary new approach to deploying a GSM plus 4G LTE network, enabling operators to cost effectively deliver voice and 4G data services in hard to reach rural locations.

The only Base Station to Combine LTE, WiMAX and GSM
Unlike traditional GSM Base Stations, AirHarmony is a compact all-in-one Base Station with integrated wireless backhaul using Airspan’s iBridge technology. AirHarmony delivers 2G voice using the widely deployed and proven nanoGSM technology from ip.access and 4G data using Airspan’s LTE implementation. Since AirHarmony uses an all-IP architecture with self-backhaul, it is a true plug and play solution. Installation is more rapid and lower cost than traditional solutions, enabling service to be provided within hours.

iBridge provides a unique model allowing connectivity to be automatically established between the base station and BSC / Gateway within the core network.


2G Cellular services are provided using technology from ip.access. AirHarmony uses the standard GSM and GPRS air interface to deliver voice, SMS messaging and data to 2G and 3G handsets.

AirHarmony supports a secure Abis over IP interface to the Base Station Controller (BSC), requiring low bandwidth and providing high tolerance to latency.


AirHarmony supports 4G LTE in addition to the GSM air interface and is based on Airspan’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology. Airspan’s LTE solution is compliant with the 3GPP standards and interoperable with commercial UE devices.


AirHarmony uniquely provides an integrated wireless backhaul solution using Airspan’s iBridge technology. iBridge is a self-configuring, self-connecting point-to-multipoint backhaul solution, which automatically extends the reach of the network from existing Points of Interconnect (POI).  iBridge supports multi-hop relay connections, providing GSM & LTE coverage from each node in addition to the iBridge backhaul functionality.


AirHarmony consists of a single self-contained unit, removing the need for a traditional equipment rack. The only external equipment required is the power supply


AirHarmony supports automated configuration from the management system, simplifying the installation of each base station. This automation, coupled with the self-connecting iBridge backhaul results in a true plug and play solution, allowing service to be rapidly deployed in rural communities.


AirHarmony is a compact all-outdoor 2G + 4G base station, which can be installed without conventional indoor infrastructure and associated power and air-conditioning systems.

The integration of wireless backhaul reduces the equipment installed per site, as separate backhaul infrastructure is not required. This in turn reduces spares holding and inventories.

The iBridge backhaul supports self healing, allowing the network to automatically recover in the event of failure. This increases overall service availability and customer satisfaction.


The iBridge network can support different topologies as new elements are added to the network, enabling a highly flexible and versatile deployment. Each AirHarmony node can adopt both access and backhaul functionality, automatically changing backhaul role from termination to relay to ensure a dynamic self-adapting architecture.

iBridge supports self-optimization of backhaul links, ensuring interference between iBridge nodes is minimised and delivering end-to-end QOS across the network.

Keywords: Backhaul Solution, Wireless Backhaul,

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