Learning to swim is a life skill that would last a life time

Learning to swim is a life skill that would last a life time from SJ Splash

By: SJ Splash  09-11-2014
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We at SJ Splash take great pride in our swimming programs that we offer to young and old. All our programs and levels are designed to emphasize water safety as well as basic and advanced swimming skills. We offer many different programs to accomplish the goals of learning how to swim and also to encourage advanced swimmers to continue swimming as an exercise even if not on a competitive level. Swimming classes are held in groups of children of a similar age and ability. Your child will be able to interact with children outside of school and learn valuable social skills. They will make friends and have fun in a different environment to the class room. Learning to swim saves lives and it’s a skill that lasts and can be used for a lifetime. We have senior classes, pregnancy classes, mommy and baby classes, special programs, water business programs, and survival and refresher classes, all to the benefit of our clients. See our program list. Learning to swim is more than floating around for a few seconds and doggie paddling around the pool. Importantly it is learning how to survive in water. There are many interesting facts regarding swimming and why individuals should take it upon themselves to encourage their children to start swimming. The benefits of enrolling yourself or your child with SJ Splash are endless. Swimming is an important life skill that all children should learn early in their life. There are so many benefits in learning to swim and everyone will derive pleasure from having this ability. Not only is it great for health but it could one day save a life. Our programs encourage long distance swimming, different strokes and lifesaving skills. The basics of learning to swim are all noted in our level programs ensuring we can provide beneficial lessons for you or your child. We are dedicated to teaching kids and adults how to swim and most importantly, safety in and around the water. Note from Jacqui. As a mother, I cannot emphasize enough on how important swimming lessons are especially for children. One of the scariest statistics is that for every child that dies from drowning, five children are left with permanent brain damage as a result of the prolonged lack of oxygen which occurs during near drowning. It takes only four minutes without oxygen for irreversible brain damage to occur. Drowning is listed as the second highest cause of unnatural death amongst children in South Africa. Swimming reduces the risk of drowning and lowering the stats mentioned before swimming is an essential life skill and you want to be confident that your child has mastered it. These unfortunate events can be prevented and just with the statistics it should give each parent the encouragement to start their little ones with learning the life saving skill of swimming from a young age. Please carefully consider and remember that there is no substitute for direct adult supervision with regard to water safety. Swimming lessons may be the most important factor which may save your or your child life and from being another statistic in accidental drowning in South Africa.

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