Speed Bumps by Dura-Bump = Safe, Effective speed cautioning

By: Dura-Bump   02-06-2013
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Speed-bumps are an undeniably effective way to slow down traffic

where high-speed poses increased risks

 But you often get more of a bumpthan you bargained for.

 Here's the “speed-bump” thatsolves this problem by ensuring low-speeds

 while minimizing the impact ondrivers and their motor vehicles


Dura-Bump’s patented design adapts to today’s cars, including low profile tyres

and lower suspension,with a gentler incline angle for a smoother experience    

Manufactured with a proprietary blendof PolyCarbon it absorbs direct impact

from speeding vehicles, slowing themdown safe and sound 


Dura-Bump has superior grip for vehicles including bikes, lessening thedanger of

slipping and has no steelcover and no steel surface facingbolts


Dura-Bump is secured to the road surface in one piece using the latestDura Epoxy

therefore maintenance free, with no dangerous external bolts to service

making it hassle free and cost effective long term

Dura-Bump alerts drivers and slows vehicles down without cause forconcern

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