Radio Anti Collision Systems

By: Kashman Cranes And Hoists CC  08-07-2013
Keywords: Anti Collision Systems, crane anti collision radio system

The system consists of two transponders, both units are identical. Connections have been kept as simple as possible, with two wires for power (24Volts DC) and two wires from the fail to safe Normally Open relay output, rated 1 Amp at 24 Volts DC. The relay contact will close once the unit is powered up and is not in range of the “other” unit. During installation, one unit will become the master and the other the slave. The slave unit is determined by setting the Power Adjust to minimum (Fully anti clockwise) The master unit should be the unit with the easiest access for setting the range. To set the range, place the cranes at a desired range and very slowly turn the Power Adjust from fully anti clockwise to clockwise, until the units “see” each other, (red light and buzzer will sound) The setting may require a few minor adjustments till the desired range is met. Being a radio based system, an impartial gray zone will become apparent and this should be taken into account when setting the range. Once the units come within radio range, they will automatically increase their RF output power to maximum to ensure that both units receive the alarm. The relay contact will open as well as a buzzer and light indication. With the standard setup it can be adjusted to operate between about 5m to 200m. Further detecting range can be achieved with external antennas, but this is seldom necessary. Because the radios rely on signal strength to detect range, there is quite a significant gray zone, these needs to be taken into account when setting the radios range. It’s a good idea to “play” with the units before installing them, just for familiarity. Once installed, regular testing is recommended to ensure safe operation. In the underground mining scenario, testing is done on a daily basis. Indemnity: This is a warning device only. Although the greatest of care has been taken during the production and testing of this equipment, Kashman Cranes & Hoists cc will take no responsibility for any accidents or damage caused by the misuse or failure of this equipment.

Keywords: Anti Collision Systems, crane anti collision radio system

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