Diana Carmichael

Diana Carmichael from Lavender Lane Promotions

By: Lavender Lane Promotions  04-10-2010
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 Noble Range   -  Represents the sleek form of the African Male Hunter.                              
Noblesse Range   - Sensuous shape of a woman's body, the collar detailing echoes the copper rings worn around the neck  by Ndebele woman.                              
Crystal d Afrique - Inspiration for this range from the naked stem of the African Aloe after the flower have fallen.                               
Ribbon - Mirroring the perfect form of nature, Ribon represents the winding of a vine around a tree as it is stretches from the forest floor upwards towards the light of the African Sun.                                
Impondo Zulu - Inspired by the African Antelope.                                
Cheetah Africa - The fastest mammal on earth is immortalizes in this srriking range.  

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