By: Dr Brenda Ratzeburg  07-30-2010
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 A Chiropractor's main concern is your SPINE and NERVOUS SYSTEM and how well both are FUNCTIONING.  It is the Chiropractor's task to evaluate the biomechanical structure of the spine to ensure that each one of your individual verterbra are moving freely and are not displaced or 'fixed' in any way.  Any such displacement or jammed vertrbra can cause the spinal nerve that exits from the intervertebral forman (opening)  to become irritated either through direct pressure or through indirect stimulation / irritation.  Therefore any problem in any one of the vertebral joints can affect the related part of your nervous system, which, in turn can lead to such symptoms as pain in the back of the neck as well as many other spinal problems.  It is a Chiropractor's task to evaluate and identify and problem that might exist within the spine and to correct any dysfunction that might be present.Who can benefit from Chiropractic Care?- Babies and Children - who

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